A long-term vision, willingness to work hard, flexibility and sensitivity to the needs of the people will be the foundation we can offer South Sudan as it works toward a self-sustaining prosperity. Because the United States and China are becoming increasingly economically interdependent, their relationship is one of the most critical and complex in the world. Indeed, the challenge that lies ahead for the American Foreign Service in South Sudan requires an unwavering commitment to our highest humanitarian ideals, along with a sophisticated appreciation of a culture that exists in a tenuous balance with multiple forces around it. China will gain the respect of the international community and loyalty from its own people. Beginning after Dayton in late , the Implementation Force, which included 20, U.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. Enforced consultation with members of other agencies before drafting potent orders is the only way to prevent a repeat of this situation. Although the entire conflict was marked by poor decision-making, de-Baathification deserves particular attention because the resulting chaos could have been prevented with interagency communication. While engaging in diplomatic talks on human rights, the ambassador must represent and promote U. Accessed 25 January Office of Inspector General. Dorman The FCS must urge China to respect intellectual property rights and crack down on the rampant piracy that has cost U.

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Basic Facts About Canada-U. Border wait times are longer, businesses are suffering, and the days of being allowed to pass through border stations brandishing only a hockey bag and a smile are long gone.


You may also receive a message from our sponsor regarding their program offerings. Had the diplomats not coordinated the Dayton Peace Accords, the war could have dragged on for years, taking thousands more civilian lives in repeats of Srebrenica. Accessed 18 January Foreign Service will continue to progress toward the day when the Chinese people will be free from governmental repression.

The lumber industry is the heart of the local economy, with mills located in St.

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Members of the foreign service have been charged with keeping government officials up to date on all developments relating to the Declaration. Embassy of the United States of America. Office of Inspector General.

Iraq’s Descent Into Chaos. Why was the U.

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The Declaration has four pillars: Department of State, Bureau of African Affairs. Department of State, 4 Apr. De-Baathification demonstrates the importance of cooperation not only between military and diplomatic branches but among all agencies that could provide insights into a conflict. Standing up for Human Rights: Embassy in Dontest and Herzegovina.

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Minority Rights Group International. The success of military peacekeeping following diplomatic planning is unquestionable: Thank you for your submission.


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This is where foreign service officers come into play. Since the state was founded in Julythe U. Officers of the essayy service have played a major role in the negotiation and administration of these pieces of legislation, and continue to be involved today. As ofan estimated 1. Supporting South Sudan’s Vision for the Future.

This displaced population has long posed a threat to American security Warrick Previous honorable mention recipients are eligible to enter.

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Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, Accessed 24 January You will receive confirmation from AFSA that your submission has been received and a notification if you are the winner or an honorable mention in May. The War Presidency of George W.

Dorman The FCS must urge China to respect intellectual property rights and crack down on the rampant piracy that has cost U. Arnas, Neyla, et al.

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