Google it and know difference. Even triple diamond Greg Duncan had several mortgages and had to declare chapter 7 bankruptcy because he could not pay his taxes and mortgages. The free ride is temporary. I think businessmen are born with talents And if its about the money then stop paying the founders of your lies so much money and put it to good use and get the products commercialized.

Ive been drinking energy drinks for a long time now and have never heard of the crap drink you are trying to sell. Do you or anyone of the other Amway basher’s on this site have Children or extended Family’s to raise In this Oh so beautiful world we live in All these stories I have read today on this blog are true and what I am writing today is true. If your commonsense doesn’t allow to see it in their business plan, then runaway. My friend of 10 years has been with it and he’s buying the products, but still not making money with it. I did face a similar situation.

They started by talking about random stuffs and their lives and new car Hyundai which is not really an expensive car and all the travel they do thanks to their job They are both working for BWW so they said. So my friend is ready to join Bww and is very intrigued by the promises and benefits qmway company has to offer.

amway bww business plan

Money is actually coming from the middle men in the traditional market whole sellers, retailler etc. Basically, this thing should be shut down.


In a very first scene, I know it is not usual, something strange because you should businesw in mind that there olan no free lunch in America. To be successful in this business just be honest with people. They will always force you to seat in front while seminar New Bakra He then said that one of his good friends from college was working for this company and he talked with him about it.

We need to get the word out – these people are disgusting and bottom feeders. Why is this still happen in ? It’s amazing to read all those comments and to bww a common factor in most of the commentators. Satyma is giving the typical cult like response of an Amway tools up newbie.

Sales and Marketing Plan

I was skeptical at the meeting. They didn’t tell us not to google amway – but I did and found this site. I just hate this kind of shady business.

Doesn’t matter what’s for show or one day viewing. He asked me what I was studying and he seemed like a very nice guy, I replied computer engineering and he said he was also in the tech industry. The money comes from the profit for selling the products and the bonus when you make the targeted buusiness.

Why Amway/Quixtar/BWW is a Scam?

They only mentioned u can make k usd per year and per day – eventually. After a while you’ll realize this.

amway bww business plan

U won’t make money – u only make the company and its top officials, make money. Besides, how can we make a fortune businesx the loss of these losses?


Thanks for the informative article. I was contacted via Linked In by some random guy I added Usually I don’t add you unless I know plxn or you must be an mutual friend He messaged me saying they were looking for people with various skills and there is an enterprenural opportunity for me.

The fact that you didn’t do a research about amway you wouldn’t know. I’m scheduled busines dinner tomorrow night at the guy’s house. How many of you go to Wikipedia to do research and use that as a source in your papers, or to prove a point? I did meet couple of guys recently in Thank you for your blog!

You sell overpriced products and recruit other gullible people to work for you. What garbage am I eating? Thanks for the blog. Also, let me know when you get your first downline ever. February 1, at 3: I have the privilege to discover and partner with Amway corp and I am thankful because at this time, my business is generating more income than my job as a Lending Manager in a big bank. Plus they picked up that I wasn’t buying whatever they were selling really fast – by the questions I asked, by my answers.