What garbage am I eating? I am glad I talked to my parents they explained to me that Amway had been around for years – the guy made it sound like he started Amway himself during his pitch – that’s what impression I was under. Thank you so much for this information! Offers you financial freedom, if you are willing to put in your work. C to stay in a hotel for about 3 days, mealss and all including and not one cent more. I advice anyone who heard or met anybody from BWW not to go ahead and spend time and money into this.

My parents almost got screwed by Amway when they were younger. So, what do you call if you are provided fabricated information and fake promises while being recruited- A Scam or NOT? That is what your learn from system, if you are not a serving leader then nobody follows you in this biz. The more people you HELP, the more bonuses you make. The oportunity is there ,is legal and moral. Then they tell them that tools are vital to success and get them to buy it if they can.

MLM are the wave of the future and is where the next ten million bhsiness will be bwww in the next ten years. Did you read any of successful persons books?. The system is time and tested procedure you should follow and all they teach you is duplicate the successful people. And then the guy giving the meeting said does anyone even know a millionaire and I shot up my hand real fast — I know plenty – like I said my family owns many of their own businesses. Dont follow this quitter, get the right information from who is already successful.


I’m glad you posted your opinion. I had to change my number and the friendship between my friend and I was damaged forever.

Amway: The Untold Story: Expenses

Thank you for sharing your story and I am grateful that this blog was able to provide you with useful information! Wow, I thought the e-commerce trick went out years ago! I know from the presentation many, in fact all, into this “business” are totally brainwashed so they wont listen to you as they are told people will try to discourage you and given examples of how people once opposed the great one’s as well.

The cash flow occurs with little bksiness no product or service attached.

They beat around the bush. There busniess people who gone to one of Britts luxury home. I’m in medical school now paying cash for it too so my integrity and ethical value are too high for that. FTC shut down pyramid schemes and money chain due to its fraudulent nature. Sad because I’ve hear stories where these huchsters discourage people from college in favor of Amway.

The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

I will start buying and selling your products when I see them on tv. You can use that money for vacation, charity, paying off student debt, whatever makes you happy. What you choose to take advantage of is your choice.

amway bww business plan

That’s why there are Amways, Enrons etc. The more giving you are the more possibility. Instead of bashing Amway and Bill go get a dream. Of course, i say no. Everything, from the first meeting to the vagueness of it all and even the same examples were given as people have described here. The real thing behind it is that they are using a very powerful marketing strategy called peer to peer marketing. He then proceeded to his busihess and they explained to me how plann are being successful by gaining points and how there’s this one guy who was “Platinum” and is now a multi-millionaire.


Sales and Marketing Plan

A guy asked my husband to meet with him So I just went out on my own. I’m a graduate student and i was approached by set of people for this amway cult.

amway bww business plan

They only mentioned u can make k usd per year and per day – eventually. Same series bwe events new people front row, Financial freedom, etc. What this gentleman has posted is enough to know his mental subnormal capacities. Since you speak so highly of the opportunity, who’s actually retired from Amway because of the residual income?

amway bww business plan

I feel like I lost 2 hours of my life watching a cult session live. Like XS energy drink never heard it before and some other awesome products. Came back did some research and refused.