During her stay in Malaysia Margaret Child noticed that librarians at the National Library were not interested in spending the funds necessary for developing an infrastructure that would allow a programme to gain momentum and mature. For the W CED , sustainable development includes two key concepts. The Council on Library and Information Resources CLIR is taking advantage of the trend towards virtual education and has started to develop web-based tutorials on preservation and co nservation for use in Southeast Asia. Som e materials became available only after a certain cultural stage had been reached, involving a capacity for handling and transforming raw materials. Early titles on the preservation in the tropics are Anonymous,, a, , a and b,; Blackie, ; Boustead et al.

To fac ilitate its work throu ghout the wo rld ICA has established regional branches in the non-European regions. The project aims to propagate preservation knowledge of the documentary heritage by dissemination and exchange. Long before European colonists arrived with their own record-keeping systems based on European paper, many countries outside Europe had developed advanced writing systems. In som e tropical climates as has been established it may take records, even if made of long lasting p aper, only so me to yea rs to becom e dust. N orth-Ame rica or the rela tionship betw een deities an d man, or th e continuity of generatio ns. Since they have irregularly published the magazine Mansurat al-Furqan. There a re variations in c limate within the tropics, however ninety percent of the tropical zones embody hot and humid climatic regions, whether permanent or seasonal.

Many libraries and archives have had to end subscriptions to professional magazines b ecause of cut backs in their budgets. Its general objectives are to encourage and support the development of archives in all countries, so as to preserve the archival heritage of anontated to prom ote, organise and coo rdinate, on the international lev el, activities in the field o f records an d archives m anageme nt; to establish, maintain and strengthen relations between archivists of all countries and between all institutions, professional bodies and other orga nisations; and to facilitate the interpretation and use of archival do cuments by m aking their co ntents more widely known and by encouraging greater ea se of access to the m.


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Jordan reviewed preservation literature from Jordan, In quite a number of countries on other continents the situation is not very different. Fortunately today the situation has changed for the better Noerlund et al.

In the near future c ertain professional groups in many rich countries will be under an obligation to use permanent papers. The important fact revealed by these investigations was that the proposed building would be the first of its type in tropical Africa. For more literature on palm-leaf manuscripts see: Clearly they all confront the same basic difficulties in safeguarding their holdings under seve re nanotated conditions. O ne helpful tool on the IPH website is the link to various watermark datab ases.

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Consequently the facility will be bigger and more expensive Ling, The electronic discussion forum Conservation Dist List is covering a w ide range o f preservation and conservation issues. In addition, the holdings of non- western artefacts in western countries benefited greatly from this knowledge Bennett, ; Tanabe, Building dwellings above the ground, on piles, is a widespread custom in many tropical countries.

It would be very difficult, therefore, to formulate a uniform policy for preservation. Get On Da Mic.

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It came to be viewed as the treatment of choice, and was even applied to documents in pristine condition. Archives allo w us to establish communications between p ast and future g enerations. In an interesting article Kukubo reviews the areas of actual and potential cooperation in preservation and conservation in Eastern and Southern Africa Kukubo, Essay help tokyo drift songs Essay help tokyo drift songs the homework machine by dan gutman activities solution essay outline cause of effect essay examplesessay about makeup artist portfolio shoot essay on leadership traits of mahatma gandhi essay writer online learning writing a qualitative dissertation format essay junk food and healthy food essay badiya gana video naya saal ka diet analysis essay essay about artwork dog bites you argumentative essay thesis statement nas?


The Koninklijke Bibliotheek KBis one of the few libraries in the world that possesses a paperhistorical collection. We live in a time when p eople claim their rights from governm ents.

The archives

Over the past 40 years conservation has developed into a true profession w ith educational levels as high as university. In essence the information system embodied in European archives was created to deal with property.

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The need for more permanent or alkaline papers is therefore even bigger in these regions Kirkham, MacKenzie gives very broad definitions, which more na less cover the whole field of conservation MacKenzie, Writing is nowadays a reliable way for transferring information.

A pproxim ately 30 countries co-operate in this project.

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Large collections of palm-leaf manuscripts are in the custody of many Asian libraries, temples, monasteries, learned institutions and in Asian collections elsewhere.

Perhaps the digital highway is the solution to at least one form of global access.

His article from however is totally devoted to buildings in tropical climates. It is shocking that even in a very recent publication of the IFLA Section on Library Buildings and Equipment so little attention is paid to preservation through building construction and design; only two out of the 16 speakers on the seminar broached preservation issues Bisbrouck et al.

This is preventive conservation. A rudimentary RAM P study from the 0s deals with guidelines for the techniques to be used in archive building in the tropics by comparison with building in countries in temperate climates. Ignorance of these matters has often been disastrous.