So, what are you waiting for? Discusses “acquisition of factory”. Find More Posts by Fiskar. Use these to prepare your calendar for the year. Originally Posted by Olliewaterford.

How is everyone fixed for the Audit IA on Saturday? Page 1 of 7. Catch up with all the latest news from across Boards. Use these to prepare your calendar for the year. September marks the beginning of the academic cycle once more and with it starts the process of new timetables, book collections and lectures! Remember, you may not agree with everything you read and people may not agree with your viewpoint , but you can talk it out as long as you attack the post and not the poster. Find More Posts by tanit.

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These will either distributed in hard copy when you collect your books or available online in soft copy. This can be easier dase larger firms but it is also important if not more for students in smaller firms who may not have many colleagues sitting the exam. Finance CAP1, Tax CAP2 — there is a tendency for students to leave these subjects to one side until study leave well into the new year and often it can be too late to catch up on all the material missed to date. Thanks for this, Ill add a bit to this over the next couple of days as well.


Re board dtudy 1 – I was thinking it could be a before and after WACC calculation depending on whether they go with the equity or debt option.

I would assume you have to bring them, they are in the finance book anyway at the back! Getting used to new venues, lecturers, online notes systems and exam systems will take time.

CAP 2 SFMA CAse Study / –

The double entry bookkeeping DEBK is likely to be the first exam you will sit in your professional exams. This is particularly important when you are coming in with exemptions from some exams.

Best of luck to everyone on the January assessments in advance and Happy “studying very hard and not partying at all” Christmas. Find More Posts by Jsmac Find More Posts by Deeman So, what are you waiting for? But yeah no harm bringing too much as you said. sfma case study

You can read the announcement with details here. I can see it being a narrative question. You should pay particular attention to the CAI guidance in terms of required attendance levels to be allowed to sit the FAE exams. sfma case study

Balancing work, study and personal commitments will present a new challenge to some. Originally Posted by fe1manuals.


Originally Posted by Olliewaterford I think this is how they arrived at 4. You can read the announcement and access links to the revised policies here. Originally Posted by Paul C. Ensure you have the relevant syllabus details printed off for each module you are sitting and in the front of the relevant folder.

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Find More Sfmaa by davindub. Originally Posted by davindub. Hi, For the LT project, it says ‘Gross ticket sales income be earned in the local currency of each country visited’. Online forums such as boards. Also mentioned had recently issued shares and lowered gearing so may be a clue to calculate the above before and after.

You can read the announcement and access links to the revised policies here We have added a small update to the Terms of Use. Find More Posts by Kmck That was a very brief summary to get started. Originally Posted by Kmck87 Based on: Click here to find out more x. Balance — Work, Study, Life.