Most students need to take one or two General Education courses. The Prize was established in and is financed by Aurecon. Start dates Here are the start dates for the programme. Topics covered in the Business Analytics major of the BCom include: Completion of the capstone project requires submission of a capstone report. Bachelor of Engineering Honours Opening date:

You need to have the following: Transfer of Credit – You can apply for transfer of credit for tertiary courses completed elsewhere as part of your Application for Admission. Accessibility Links Skip to site search Skip to main content. Undergraduate study in Business Analytics. Year Three In your third year you must complete at least 75 points five courses at Stage III, of which 60 points four courses must be in your majoring subject. Depending on the subject and level these can range from a single day to a week-long trip. Use our online contact form.

Life at university can be a juggling act between study, work, social activities and family life.

A list of open capstone topics and prospective academic supervisors is shown in tabular form below. You need to have the following: The BSc is flexible so it’s easy to take a double major if you want projdct. You should enrol in eight courses for up to three subject areas to discover your strengths and interests You will probably take four courses in Semester One and four courses in Semester Two In your second year capwtone beyond: For inquiries and assistance regarding course selection, IDP requirements and approval, and capstone report marking, students can contact the MEng Advisor Dr.


Degree planners can be found on the undergraduate subject pages. If your rank score is slightly lower than the guaranteed score, we encourage you to still apply. If you can demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and maturity, we offer admission to applicants under These are the grades required for guaranteed entry to the Bachelor of Science.

Minimum requirements listed here are the likely grades required and do not guarantee entry. Accessibility Links Skip to site search Skip to main content. How much does a Bachelor of Science cost per year? Typically students will enrol in four courses in Semester 1 of their cwpstone year, and five prokect Semester 2.

For general student enquiries, please contact the Business Student Centre.

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In today’s digital age, almost every profession, discipline, and industry requires working with data. A group of Part IV Civil Engineering students have participated in the inaugural Capstone project, a final-year project that integrates their learning, and applies it to a real-world situation.

Accessibility Links Skip to site search Skip to main content. Digital data management Business analytics techniques and predictive modelling Data visualisation Data mining and decision support Data wrangling As part of your major, you proejct complete a Business Analytics capstone project, where you apply your skills by working in small teams to deliver a solution for a real-world analytics problem.

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Full-time vs part-time To be a full-time student, a minimum of points over two semesters, 50 points in any one semester, or 25 projext at Summer School must be taken. Once the form is completed, please return it to the MEng Graduate Assistant contact details below. General Studies or similar general papers cannot be included.


capstone project uoa

If you are taking a conjoint degree you will need to take 9 courses points each year to complete in the minimum time. What can you study in Business Analytics? The normal and recommended full-time enrolment in your first year projext study as a Bachelor of Science student is eight courses per year points.

Final-year Civil Engineering students take on inaugural Capstone project

Use Summer School to take additional courses or to spread the workload. Are you a New Zealand citizen or resident?

Capstones in BSc Often taken in the final year, a Capstone course is a student-led project providing you with an opportunity to integrate and apply your previous learning to a real-world problem in your subject area.

There are usually eight courses over Semesters One and Two. Where can undergraduate prouect in Business Analytics take you?

Aurecon Prize in Construction Management – The University of Auckland

Key Information for Students Compare qualifications and academic information across different New Zealand institutions. The sequential procedure for completing the capstone project is outlined lroject.

capstone project uoa

Tutorials Some courses include tutorials usually one hour per week. Year Two You will enrol in a range of more advanced courses relating to your choice of major sas well as other related areas within the science schedule to add depth to your knowledge.