Cylinders may be sleeved lined with a harder metal or sleeveless with a wear-resistant coating such as Nikasil. The greater the torque figure, the faster the acceleration. The distance between the spark plugs depend upon the displacement of the engine. Depending on the needs of the Rider whether it be cruising, acceleration or max speed, the ignition requirements constantly change. Who invented the four stroke engine? In Bajaj’s case, she does.

Since steam at even low pressure can be dangerous, extra case is to be taken. Thus a good design and control of the system parameters becomes most essential for optimum performance of an engine. A critical case allows the following type of generalization: But we must give credit to Bajaj for taking it forward and putting it in a two-wheeler. Everyone wants a piece of the IPL.

Performance and emission analysis of four stroke twin spark single cylinder SI engine fuelled with gasoline and CNG. Ignition with a Digital C. Advantages of using Twin Spark In DTS-i, one plug is embedded on one side, another on the other.

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It features two plugs per cylinder. Everyone wants a piece of the IPL. The air-fuel mixture gets ignited in a way that creates engjne flame fronts and, therefore, a reduction in flame travel of the order of 40 per cent is achieved. Both the valves are closed and the piston moves from B. Help Center Find new research papers in: Log In Sign Up. Fuel feed The Alfa T.


DTS-i gives 18 per cent more fuel economy and 12 per cent more power. As a connecting rod is rigid, it may transmit either a push or a pull and so the rod may rotate the crank through both halves of a revolution, i. It has become a fashion for the people especially living in urban areas to ride such vehicles.

It is a means of controlling the Ignition by operating the Throttle. The camel was conceived in the s, by two mechanical engineers who did not believe in what at the time was the shiny new vista called MBA. At higher speeds the over boost will enhance full power delivery and will stay on as long as the driver exercises maximum pressure on the accelerator.

Electronic control Unit gives accurate timing for all operating condition.

In the early s, Rajiv had started to grow roots in the company and give it a direction motorcycles and attitude self reliance dtsl technology very different from what they had been for decades scooters; technology does not matter in India. It is mapped by the integrated digital electronic control box which also handles fuel injection and valve timing. Which require less time to reach the farthest position of the combustion chamber and optimize the combustion chamber characteristics.

case study on dtsi engine

That it succeeded shows in its market positioning and high profitability,” says Dtdi of Rothschild. Skip to main content. Its operation is controlled by the electronic control box of the integrated ignition and fuel injection system.


case study on dtsi engine

Who invented the four stroke engine? Digital Twin Spark Ignition System: Galileo Galilei built his rejection of Aristotle ‘s law of gravity on a case study selected by information-oriented sampling and not by random sampling. Dtsi what is torque Torque is the force that causes rotation. Previous Story The biggest Indian innovations this century. Together with the crank, they form a simple mechanism that converts reciprocating motion into rotating motion.

The obvious outcome of this is more torque, better fuel efficiency and lower emission. Now the companies even want to launch such vehicles that attract the younger generation.

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The amount of energy stored in a flywheel is engone to the square of its rotational speed. Since steam at even low pressure can be dangerous, extra case is to be taken.

As a result, the adoption of twin spark ignition yields: These experiments, with the benefit of hindsight, seem self-evident.

case study on dtsi engine

That can be done by lighting another match on the other side.