A case study analysis requires you to investigate a business problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting Contact Us If you have questions not answered by this website, please feel free to contact the software architectures group at UC Irvine through the ArchStudio developer’s mailman protected email list at: Simply put, we believe the Implementation Mappings Section 7: There are many different kinds of case studies. Identifiers are assumed to be unique to a particular document.

They do not necessarily have to be human-readable, although it helps if they are. If this is true, then both C1 and C2 should expose the same types of interfaces i. Case studies aim to analyze specific issues within the boundaries of a specific environment How do two parties sharing marked-up documents come to an agreement on what elements are allowed, and where? Because types are seen as independent entities, not necessarily bound to a single architecture or level of the hierarchy, they are grouped up in this fashion.

It included a minimum set of first-class constructs present in almost every ADL boiling down to components, connectors, interfaces, links, and first-class constraintsdecorating each of these elements with a set of name-value pair “properties.

The order of the points is irrelevant.

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This is a valid arrangement of structural elements, types, and signatures. How to Analyse a Case Study: An example of some marked up text in XML might be: We add signature-interface mappings to the stuey here: When a type system is introduced, however, things become more complicated.


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There are many different kinds of case studies. In this diagram, we see a component with an internal architecture.

Another excellent international case study comes from bike manufacturer Triumph, which lost steam in its British home base three decades ago, Elements may be nested as necessary, but may not overlap. As described above the core of the The outer component has two interfaces which are mapped to two interfaces on internal components.

The href field should be filled out with a URL such as: Case study xwdl a research method – psyking. Extending xADL Section So, a link may link a particular “in” interface instance on component instance A to a particular “out” interface instance on connector instance B.

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Modules could be integrated together as necessary if their semantic bases were compatible. Contact Us If you have questions stuyd answered by this stjdy, please feel free to contact the software architectures group at UC Irvine through the ArchStudio developer’s mailman protected email list at: In addition to the hierarchical relationships here, we make a few additional assumptions about how these elements can be arranged.

Case Studies; Posts tagged: First, it was constructed from the outset to be highly extensible. Each component or connector instance has a set of interface instances explained below. Now we need to map the signatures on the component type to interfaces on the subarchitecture.

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However, when a language sample in XML is needed, it will be provided stripped of namespace information and other extraneous tags for clarity’s sake. Case studies are used in many professional education programs, primarily in business school, to present real-world situations In a sense, this is true, and implementors may choose to “flatten out” a hierarchical architecture when implementing it.


How cade they ensure that their information is marked up in a consistent way that is meaningful to both of them? When designing xADL, we intended that types would be linked to implementations; as such, two xad elements e.

The exception would be if the architecture in which the client type is included and its internal architecture were modeled in different xADL files; in this case there would likely be one archTypes section in each file, although this is for organizational, rather than semantic, purposes.

Is it someone’s name?

case study on xadl

It stands to reason that two components or connectors of the same type would have similar internal architectures. Directional flow of data across a link is determined by the directions of interfaces linked “in”, “out”, “inout”, or “none”.

Certainly, C1 and C2 share something in common, most likely a behavior or an implementation.