This is necessary since kiwifruit is a niche fruit that can be easily substituted for another fruit. A number of legal bodies govern the success of Zespri which sets it apart from other industry competitors. This share issuance will provide the farmers with an invested interest in the company and create a greater intrinsic value to Zespri for years to come. Since this is a niche fruit, many consumers could easily substitute kiwifruit for a different relatable fruit. Long-term, Zespri may be able to increase suppliers globally. Much like the short-term implementation process, Zespri will sink a larger portion of revenues into research and development. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you set you on the path to success.

This is necessary since kiwifruit is a niche fruit that can be easily substituted for another fruit. As a result, when processes are enhanced and improved as part of business as usual activities, it is now easier for process documentation to be maintained in a closer to real-time manner. Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: The Zespri brand sets the benchmark for guaranteed excellence and delicious, nutritious kiwifruit. Alvarez, Jose, and Natalie Kindred.

Zespri Case Analysis Essay

This also means that the Zespri products the green varieties they offer are not non-substitutable to customers. In doing so, Zespri will be able to conduct market research on all levels of operations ranging from product assortment, marketing research, technological advancements, csae supply chain logistics.

case study zespri

However, a major shudy to this growth has been the challenge of duty or tariff levels. Fonterra Other resources Sitemap You are here: Land usage has increased from hectares to in a short period of time due to the fact that everyone wants to share in the success of Zespri.

The above alternatives csse to be weighed in terms of the below criteria before choosing a recommendation. Their zespr brand allows them to set prices, rather than take them, and the brand creates value for the firm. This is necessary since kiwifruit is a niche fruit that can be easily substituted for another fruit.


After fruit has been harvested it must be graded and sorted by specially trained graders who visually inspect the fruit for defects, pests, and diseases.

case study zespri

Zespri was one of the first to use the pallet card to track fruit from the market to the orchard it was grown on, giving visibility throughout the supply chain. At the same time it was crucial to zesprj focused on the success of the SCE project outcomes. We use cookies to give you the casw experience possible.

And it has the large, ambitious population needed to drive its development, both as workers and consumers.


This is an upside for Zespri however with their customers consisting of 60 different countries they have to abide by the regulations of of each individual import restrictions.

After conducting this model it should be evident what the profit drivers are. The main primary activities of Zespri include outbound logistics, marketing, and services, and the main support activities include technology development and company infrastructure.

The realization of over farming and lack of crop rotation leads to the destruction of the landscape and the draining of resources in exchange for profits. How about receiving a customized one?

case study zespri

It also presents an inspiring story of determined entrepreneurs succeeding against tough odds. Another last-resort option for Zespri is to issue and sell more shares to growers outside of New Zealand. All of these traits that Zespri has are exploitable and will remain exploitable in the future. Facing growing international competition, Zespri invested in consumer branding and innovation, which has led to new types of kiwifruit wtudy taste better and are protected with patents.

Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: Pepsi in the s Rebranding in the london docklands: Click to learn more https: They also have in the works a red version of the fruit which indicates they have created a etudy barrier for its competition to create unique products. Zespri Group limited is currently in their maturity stage. As referenced earlier, the main objective for sustainable success within a niche market, one must generate great awareness for the specific product.


A parallel strategy for growing the consumer base and awareness has focused on working with the customers around the world to ensure Zespri products are chosen for reasons associated with quality, experience, taste, and brand relationship.

Zespri has been able to achieve this by marketing their higher quality then competitors. MAF, in turn, undertake audits on Zespri, while pallets and data are thoroughly checked at the wharf.

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Luckily Zespri is aware of this and is able to manage it effectively by ensuring growers use best technology and growing practices as well as investing in research in health and nutrition. Additionally, our firm strongly feels that in order for their business to continue to grow exponentially, they must increase their research and development, as well as their global marketing efforts.

In order to sgudy our initial plan in the short-term, Zespri has to simply continue to maintain their business operations as they normally have in previous months.

Fonterra Other resources Sitemap You are here: Existing Zespri business processes had been documented in various formats, so the first stage was to move them to the common repository syudy link them into the overall BPA framework. As a result, they have a relatively sustainable competitive advantage from their high-quality product offerings and rare variations of kiwifruit.