A2 Plate tectonics – Case study comparison. The government declared a state of national emergency, which stayed in force until 30 April Domestic help was available – The Farmy Army was made up of farmers who brought their farm machines and muscle to help clean up the city. Magnitude 5 earthquakes occur on average once every 10 years. The plate boundary has resulted in the major Alpine and Hope fault lines, movement, strike-slip faulting and smaller faults cause the South island quakes. Responses The Government implemented a full emergency management structure in 2 hours of the quake and the National Crisis Management Centre in Wellington co-ordinated the activity, based locally in the Christchurch Art Galley a modern, earthquake proof building Emergency services played a vital role, for example police organised the evacuations , the fire service co-ordinated search and rescue and an urban search and resuce team arrived from Australia In terms of medical support , St. The red zone was the residential area along the banks of the river Avon.

Christchurch earthquake case study a2 , review Rating: The population, which had been growing for decades, declined in the years after the quake 6. Best of luck with your coursework. Sign up to Comment. The earthquake measured 6.

Christchurch 2011 Earthquake Case Study

Epicentre was closer to Christchurch. Others have said it is a spate event on a separate fault system.

christchurch earthquake case study a2

The city was divided into 4 zones depending on the severity of damage. GeoNet is a national network of instruments and data centres that monitors earthquakes and hazards and can provide information to emergency services within minutes. The February earthquake was smaller in magnitude than the quake, but the earthquake was more damaging and deadly.


Damage to roads through liquefaction made it difficult for people and emergency services to move around. The point study the Speech essay how to save money surface directly above the focus of an earthquake. Damage to roads through liquefaction made it difficult for people and emergency services to move around 7. An additional 1, people were injured in the aftermath.

Do you know whether it was the Pacific or Australian plate which was lifted above the other? HuffPost reader Laura Campbell submitted these photos of the damage in Christchurch. It was technically an aftershock from a larger earthquake christchrch but the impacts were more severe.

The Focus was shudy, only 5 kilometres underground, whereas the September quake was 10 kilometres deep. I got told it was 4 case south from CC, 30 miles west from CC etc. The epicentre was also much closer to Christchurch at 10km south west in port Hills.

This earthquake occurred at lunchtime, during the working week. Some economists have estimated it will take the New Zealand economy 50 to years to completely recover.

Rescue crews from all over the world came to help. The Peak Ground Acceleration how much the ground shakes was extremely high and made it “almost impossible” for buildings to survive intact. This earthquake study has been so case full, all the facts are there with no nonsense!

Not everybody who died was from New Zealand – the CTV building was also home to an English language school so some casualties were from, for example, JapanChina and the Philippines. Building damage to the central city and eastern suburbs of Christchurch.


Hazardous Earth Christchurch Earthquake Case Study – Mindmap in A Level and IB Geography

An earthquake struck on 4th September and was similar in magnitude to the Haitian earthquake in January magnitude 7. Water pipes, roads, bridges, power lines, cell phone towers and ordinary phone lines were broken or damaged.

Up tobuildings were damaged and about 10, buildings needed to be demolished.

christchurch earthquake case study a2

Many buildings simply collapsed or were damaged beyond repair. The Christchurch earthquake of February The south Island experiences less large earthquakes and the September earthquake was the largest recorded for the Canterbury region. The February earthquake occurred during lunchtime on a weekday when the CBD was busy, and many buildings were already weakened from the previous quakes. On February 22nd a 6.

The quake aftershock was cause by movement along a previously unknown fault running roughly east-west to the southwest of Christchurch. It was vase an aftershock although still remains debatable amongst geologists due to it having occurred on a separate fault than the quake.

christchurch earthquake case study a2

Christchurch could no longer host Rugby World Cup matches so lost the benefits, e. Anything that is useful to people. A2 Plate christchyrch – Case study comparison. Schools had to share classrooms because of the damage to other school buildings.