June series provisional examination results available online. You must wait until the next day to issue Cambridge Pre-U results to candidates. Cambridge Secondary 2 Changes to syllabus for This syllabus has More information. Important information Highlights the key pieces of information on each page. The following exams are available throughout the year: November series Check that you have enough examination stationery. November Date June series November series Cambridge Pre-U We send 1 Cambridge Exams Officer enewsletter containing all the dates and deadlines for the tasks you need to complete this month.

When you join us you will. Deadline for forecast grades. Other activities to think about in March November series When you receive your certificates check them carefully. Deadline for Cambridge to receive externally assessed coursework for: Final deadline for November series late entries and entry amendments for Global Perspectives and Research.

Exam Series Key Dates and Activities

Becoming a Cambridge International School A guide to the registration process Section heading We are delighted you are interested in becoming a Cambridge International School. April Date June series November 052 Cambridge Pre-U We send 1 Cambridge Exams Officer enewsletter containing all the dates and deadlines for the tasks courssework need to complete this month. New or updated information Highlights new or updated information so you know what has changed from last year.

Go to our other sites. Remember that we will deadlinse you for any enquiries about results. When you have finished, you More information. Deadline for Cambridge to receive applications for requests for priority copies of scripts to support enquiries about results for the June series. See the back of this guide for a full list of our administrative forms.


Cambridge IGCSE English – First Language ()

Our flexible Academic Year Programme allows you to choose from our range of courses and create your own programme More information. Guidance for exams officers administering Cambridge examinations”. Deadline for receipt of access arrangement applications that you need our permission to use for June series Preparation Form 1.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

Science practical instructions despatched based on your final entries. Time should be approved no later than More information.

We reserve the right to veadlines or vary the arrangements detailed in this guide at any time. There is an administrative fee for any requests to amend candidate names received after 15 February Submit all your requests for enquiries about results before the deadline of 26 February We will not accept requests received after this date.

Key dates and activities

Also look out for the icon that highlights our processes for Cambridge Associates and their Centres. From now until the release of results, we may contact you with questions about your scripts or candidate attendance at any of your examinations.

We will notify you of any changes. June series The deadline for all entries is 21 February The exception is Cambridge Pre-U where the deadline is 21 March Please submit your deadlinfs to Cambridge at least two weeks before these dates so you have time to make any amendments before the entry deadline.

Introduction Contents How to use this handbook For further information please see Part courdework of this guide. Responsible member of SLT: Deadline for forecast grades.


Deadline for electronic submission to Cambridge of externally assessed coursework for the November series for: Important dates Highlights the key dates on each page. Always include a copy of your marks with your samples. This way we can make sure that all your despatches contain the right information.

UK fees 1st August 31st July Entry and registration deadlines for Our entry deadlines and late fee dates are listed More information. When you receive this pre-release material, share it with the relevant teachers in your Centre as candidates and teachers need the material to prepare for the examinations.

Other activities to think about in February November series Make sure all your candidate names are correct on results documentation ready for deavlines certificates we will send to you next month. If you have any More information.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

UK fees 1st August 31st July Entry and registration deadlines for Our entry deadlines and late fee dates are listed. The deadline for receipt of applications for access arrangements that you need our permission to use is 21 February We may not be able to accept any applications after this date.

Deadlknes for Candidate Results Have you just got your More information. Every effort to ensure.