Two things about the ‘fictional characters’ first they should be dicks cause who would have a conversation about this stuff but more importantly – I would make them people with some solid knowledge base so they can say heaps clever stuff and not seem inappropriate. Gotta say first that I haven’t read it so here goes – I’d try a more powerful introductory statement then this sentence. For many of the characters, life seems to be reduced to a question of luck, which consists of good and bad fortune in equal measure. The time now is I think you’re right – probably words max is managable.

The death becomes a welcome release and she embraces again the family life that means so much to her. Eventually, his preoccupation with luck and his ability to show compassion and forgiveness helps him find peace and establish a sense of quiet dignity. It is a fun home coming, full of laughter. So I think it’s too murky to go there. Last edited by Pwnage; 17 Sep at 8:

Thank you and gravely indebted to you Take care. She almost feels as if it has got worse lately. Likewise, Dolly and Sam conflict over their bad luck in life and drift apart. It also publishes a range of articles on popular school texts.

But Fish’s distress — hmmm — I think you’re point is close to what feels right to me and remember one of the most important aspects of cloudstreeet module is what you think! I was running around like a headless chook cloudstreeh to find help for this module and thank god i stumbled upon this thread – heaven sent!

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In a deeper sense amid these surrealistic events, the river is also symbolic for the lives of the two families. Their 20 years has expired, but Sam does not want to sell the place. Critical Study of Texts Cloudstreet essay.

cloudstreet essay hsc

Though simplistically, the story is about two average families struggling to rebuild their lives after separate disheartening events, beneath this is a strong undercurrent that conceals a combination of numerous complex ideologies, as well as c,oudstreet transcendental and the mystical; such as the river. I don’t really know of course but anything you say in an exam that is ‘novel’ and ‘unique’ is going to catch the cloudatreet eye if it is well supported.


cloudstreet essay hsc

Rose, Dolly and Oriel. There was love, and music and dancing. She was robbed of a stable family existence by it, she is married to Sam because of it and she is miserable because cloudstreey the attention she receives by men. War is our natural state.

Essa major philosophies such as Christianity, Aboriginal spirituality and the working-class lifestyle make a strong impact on the interpretation of the novel, none of the ideologies are privileged over one another, yet they are interdependent with each other, proposing a post-modernist perspective as well. He exploits Dolly and then seeks to make amends by helping Sam. Eventually, his preoccupation with luck and his ability to show compassion and forgiveness helps him find peace and establish a sense of quiet dignity.

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But fire in biblical terms can mean both the holy spirit and also ‘hell’. Oriel is determined to realise good through the power of her will and her positive thinking. At times he seeks to escape a string of bad luck and run away from his problems; at other times he is toying with fate, daring and defying chance as he searches for a meaning.

Posted by Unknown at If you are going to say something about the devices he employs in order to embed meaning within the text, or something, really put in something meaty cause of course hes going to use ‘characterisation’ – so google around a bit that sounds dirty sorry and let yourself say something strong like just made up – warning THrough the use of a tight, captivating narrative voice and colloquial, idiosyncratic dialogue the author – here say what the PURPOSE is – Also you could probably shorten it a bit here – don’t define textual integrity, if its a prominent part of the question just go ahead and use it as if you invented it ‘Despite knitting together the stands of lifetimes over 20 years the textual integrity of the text is – say just one thing that’s really true.

I think Fish plays the ‘C’ because he is so deeply intune with the sorrow of the room and unlike the others — who constantly stuff down their sorrow in order to survive — Quick refusing to think of the boy being run over, Sam laughing about his fingers he alone feels it.


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I’m not saying that’s great by any means cause remember I don’t really have a grasp on the content but this sort of thing sounds more like you are standing squarely in the material if you know what I mean. It sounds like you are doing your analysis on your own so good on you but I think you should start trying to create some order so you don’t go crazy.

Only put in the ‘evidence’ that you really ‘get’ and can say something confident about and don’t forget to think of the idea of ‘textual integrity’ as you go and how his character may be interpreted or perceived in a different context just pick one. Australia was a male centred society as was much of the industrialised world and the value of women was restricted by their sexuality and their role as nurturers.

Other stuff – sounds like a plan!! Thank you, take care. In Cloudstreet, the lives of the Fish and Quick families intertwine as they all struggle to survive with their different problems. And yes i understand that this module is about what i think backed up with relevant examples but whilst completing the module i had a very brief analysis of the text, but i began an in depth analysis just a while ago; my main worry is i have all these ideas but how do i synthesis them into an essay i.

Both Sam and Quick urge Rose to show Dolly some compassion even though she wants to see herself as her own separate, distinct person. Cloudstreet essay happy to help – show me a question or your assessment and we can work through it email it if you like: Rose starts working in the shop with Oriel: