Applying for Postgraduate Research. A table will be posted noting how many students each supervisor will take and how many students they have so far. Each profile may contain information on: As a research student, you should meet your supervisor regularly for discussions on the progress of your research and ask for feedback. You must present yourselves to them and only if the academic sees there is genuine interest in their topics will they consider supervising you. Not all electives are offered each year.

Academic support Your supervisor will be available for academic advice during the progress of your research and the final preparation of your thesis. Home News Events What is engineering Is civil, environmental or geospatial engineering right for me? Laboratory access for students. You are required to follow the process as stated there. To receive an exemption you must provide a request in writing and a copy of your undergraduate academic transcript as evidence of a completed undergraduate research project. Students are required to submit their Interim Report to their supervisors in a below specified format in no more than 10 pages SPE format. Outreach programs for students.

An exciting research to provide the underpinning computational structural analysis needed to build a fully integrated virtual reality model.

Please note that our academic staffs are not obliged to supervise you. The School also helps its postgraduate students in their research in unws ways and supports them when they have difficulties.

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Industry agreement to publish results of the research is required, or an agreement to publish aggregated results that do not identify specific mine sites or confidential information. However, they must meet the requirements of advanced independent study. Home News Events What is engineering Is civil, environmental or geospatial engineering right for me? For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Information regarding access to the laboratory facilities at the school. What are course profiles? Such format is encouraged to give students the ability to prepare a scientific manuscript that could be submitted to a journal upon successful completion of the research project. Students intending to carry out practical work are required to prepare or otherwise obtain a Risk Assessment for approval by their supervisor and by the Space Manager in whose space the work is to be done.

After graduation, you can opt to embark on a research career — our graduates have become research team leaders in their own right — or you could work in government or industry where our graduates have advanced to key positions.

Year 10 work experience. Outreach programs for students. The University has a legal obligation to provide a healthy and safe workplace for employees and students.

Year 3 Geospatial Engineering Electives.

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alternatively, academic supervisors offer research projects as part of applied research programs. Your supervisor will be available for academic advice during the progress of your research and the final preparation of your thesis. Explanation of your interest in the area Education and work background Request a meet time to discuss potential research topics.

These written reports must include introduction, motivation, literature review, methodology, research proposal, bibliography and timeline for the completion of the project in the second half of their research project.


Research students have a desk and computer in a shared study room and access to world class facilities. Once you thesi your supervisor have agreed, you must complete and submit a Thesis Nomination Form details follow.

Student forms

Students must follow reasonable directions of their supervisors and the Course Coordinator. Get your thesis nomination form signed by your supervisor Be aware that the number of candidate places available for some of these projects is quite limited. You have not applied for any exemptions at the time of application. Please ensure you are always polite in your email. After reading the form carefully follow the below information to find a supervisor internally.

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. You can then proceed to register.

cven thesis unsw

Creating virtual cities for engineering applications. Please note that the topics list is only indicative and may not show all the topics available. Once a supervisor reaches their limit then students have to pick some unzw topic. The current year is course profiles Applying for Postgraduate Research. For any other questions, please do not hesistate to contact us.

cven thesis unsw

As part of the Master of Biomedical Engineering program completing a thesis project is optional. For most students, this is the most significant single piece of work in their university career, and should be an intellectually engaging and an enjoyable experience.