Dahariya, Karun Kumar Estimation of power generation potential of agricultural based biomass spiceis and coal-biomass mixed briquettes. Prusty, Sankata Bhanjan Linearization and analysis of level as well as thermal process using labview. Creators Item Type No Grouping. Mondal, Arpan Kumar An investigation on characterization of bio-composites. Sultana, Benazeer Assessing the suitability of coarse pond ash and bottom ash as filter material.

Gupta, Uday Kumar Design of novel peptides to assess the inhibitory effect of Hsp90 alpha: Dash, Sagarika and S. Malik , Anusmita Free vibration of rods, beams and frames using spectral element method. Dave, Manish B Spectrum sensing in cognitive radio: Krishna, Katta Saran Investigations on some planar microwave filters.

Nath, Harjeet Studies on abatement of fluorides using fluidized bed reactor: Subhashree, Soumya Strengthening of rc continuous beams using frp sheet. Satapathy, S R Threat modeling in web applications.

Mallik, Manila Effect of microstructure on the indentation creep behaviour of 2. Alleviating the center node. Prusty, Sankata Bhanjan Linearization and analysis of level as well as thermal process thesie labview.

Kumar, Anshuman Modelling of micro wire electro discharge machining in aerospace material. Yadav, Amit Tthesis Thermal characteristics of boron nitride filled epoxy composites. Maddheshiya, Sanjeet Kumar A study on ultrasound based transdermal drug delivery system.

Haridas, B A study on mechanical and thermal behavior of coir fiber reinforced epoxy composites. Behera, Sameer Kumar Heat transfer analysis of blast furnace stave cooler. Pradhan, Debalaxmi Recovery of value added nt from waste polyolefins bicycle tyre and tube.


Panda, Sujata A study on deformation behaviour of Cu- Al2O3 metal matrix composite with the variation of size and volume fraction of reinforcement particle. Tirkey, Sanjeeb Kumar Three dimensional analysis of lateral extrusion of some complex forms.

Thermal-Structural analysis of ceramic to metal vacuum brazing joints.

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Sethi, Durjyodhan Hydrodynamic analysis of different textured profile thrust bearing. Sahoo, Sandeep Kumar A Study on the effect of austempering temperature, time and copper addition on the mechanical properties of austempered ductile iron. Miri, K Prediction of flow in non prismatic compound open channel using artificial neural network. A Continuum Modelling Approach.

Sowjanya, Lakshmi Improved control strategy of grid interactive inverter system with LCL filter using active and passive damping methods. Sankar, Paraselli Bheema Measurement of air breakdown voltage and electric field using standad sphere gap method.

Baddiri, Sandeep Human Identification using Gait. Bandela, Srikanth Load carrying capacity of reinforced pond ash beds. Murmu, Kalyani Fast motion estimation algorithm in H.

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nif Pachalasiya, Mahendra Singh Modeling of extrusion through curve die. Mohanty, Mamata Geotechnical properties of lightly cemented fly ash. DasAmit Kumar Application of clustering techniques in defining level of service criteria of urban streets.


Pradhan, Saswat Kumar Liquid fuel from oil seeds by pyrolysis. Pati, Nivedita Design of robust controllers for dc-dc converters. Mohanty, Prashant Kumar On edge detection of images using ant colony optimization and fisher ratio. Kandula, Chandra Design and analysis of dielectric resonator antenna for ultrawide band and ka band applications.

Krishna, Katta Saran Investigations on some planar microwave filters.

e thesis nit rourkela

Mishra, Pradeep Kumar Nonlinear static analysis of magnetostrictive laminated composite plate. Sahoo, Rupashree Evaluation of liquefaction susceptibility of soil using genetic programming and multivariate adaptive regression spline.

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Sahoo, B Catchment response modelling of a typical river basin in odisha using scs-cn method. Behera, Biplab Selection of vacuum pressure and vacuum implication position during steel making through RH degasser for maximizing recirculation process.

Sahoo, Mrunmayee Manjari Analysis and modelling of surface water quality in river basins.