For every human defect, there is a compensating trait; for every profit a corresponding loss; for every action a reaction. They think that to be great is to possess one side of nature,–the sweet, without the other side,–the bitter. I was lately confirmed in these desires by hearing a sermon at church. Has he gained by borrowing, through indolence or cunning, his neighbour’s wares, or horses, or money? He is base–and that is the one base thing in the universe–to receive favors and render none. The documents, too, from which the doctrine is to be drawn, charmed my fancy by their endless variety, and lay always before me, even in sleep; for they are the tools in our hands, the bread in our basket, the transactions of the street, the farm, and the dwelling-house, greetings, relations, debts and credits, the influence of character, the nature and endowment of all men. For every grain of wit there is a grain of folly.

Though the frail ringlets thee deceive, None from its stock that vine can reave. This is because Emerson has spoken their words through this essay. Our property is timid, our laws are timid, our cultivated classes are timid. Thus the Greeks called Jupiter, Supreme Mind; but having traditionally ascribed to him many base actions, they involuntarily made amends to reason, by tying up the hands of so bad a god. Both resilience and misericordia play a role in social compensation. We attempt to give these gifts back because of an imbalance in how these gifts are distributed, and because each person receives a unique gift, each person gives back to society in his own way. Resilience and misericordia My conception of wisdom contains two different ideas.

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It makes no difference whether the actors be many or one, a tyrant or a mob. Whether your wish is for more wealth, success, happiness, better relationships, good health It is really sad to not to have one holiday if you are working for more hours, more days and more weeks that any man can rarely do. Our action is overmastered and characterized above our will by the law of nature. The name and circumstance of Phidias, however convenient for history, embarrass when we come to the highest criticism.

Vice is the absence or departure of the same. But see the facts nearly, and these mountainous inequalities vanish.

emersons essay on compensation summary

For example, in the animal kingdom the physiologist has observed that no creatures are favorites, but a certain compensation balances every gift and every defect. His virtue,–is not that emfrsons

He may soon come to see that he had better have broken his own bones than to have ridden in his neighbour’s coach, and that “the highest price he can pay for a thing is to ask for it. Crime and punishment grow out of one stem. If the good is there, so is the evil; if the affinity, so the repulsion; if the force, so the limitation. One consequence to individual compensation is the problem of unsought hardships and gifts. Emerson is writing about the law of Karma or of Cause and Effect.

It would be the only fact. He is made as helpless as a king of England.


Naturally, he would want to help that person overcome that pain. Their trailer was disorganized, cluttered, and chaotic.

I think that our popular theology has gained in decorum, and not in principle, over the superstitions it has displaced. It is more his interest than it is theirs to find his weak point. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Indian mythology ends in the same ethics; and it would seem impossible for any fable to be invented and get any currency which was not esssy.


emersons essay on compensation summary

What should they do? An inevitable dualism bisects nature, so that each thing is a half, and suggests another thing emersins make it whole; as, spirit, matter; man, woman; odd, even; subjective, objective; in, out; upper, under; motion, rest; yea, nay. Men call the circumstance the retribution. View the Lesson Plans.

Thereby he is driven to entertain himself alone, and acquire habits of self-help; and thus, like the wounded oyster, he mends his shell with pearl. I was lately confirmed in these desires by hearing a sermon at church.

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We are to see that which man was tending to do in a given period, and was hindered, or, if you will, modified in doing, by the interfering volitions of Phidias, of Dante, of Shakspeare, the compensxtion whereby man at the moment wrought. Because we feel the pain of others as our own, the only way we can reduce our own pain is by helping others deal with their problems.

Celticai Studio April 10, at 2: The thoughtless say, on hearing these representations,–What boots it to do well? For every grain of wit there is a grain of folly.