We propose to use mice for this study because mice have been widely used for this purpose and therefore are well established. Survey of nonsusceptible nasopharyngeal Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates in children attending day-care centers in Brazil. A valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine PPV , which includes 11A PS, is administered to at-risk adult populations, but is ineffective in pediatric populations. Detect total and functional antiA and antiE antibodies in murine sera following 11A and 11E infection. Accordingly, the lab studies host-pathogen interaction mediated by bacterial polysaccharide PS capsule.

However, as I prepare for next steps in my education and training, I may not be able to pursue these paths. After incubation, surviving bacteria will be spotted on plates containing antibiotic selective media, so that surviving 11Astr CFU will be enumerated on streptomycin plates, and 11Ekan CFU on kanamycin plates. Furthermore, no study has shown in vivo seroswitching in response to an O-acetylationdependent immune response. No preliminary data for Aims 2 and 3. Western J Nurs Res. Personal Statement My laboratory has been studying diversity of pneumococcal capsule and pneumococcal antibodies.

Who would be appropriate to ask for letters of recommendation? I have developed an interest in O-acetylation of bacterial surface structures and the effect of this modification on host interactions.

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All these investigators will be regularly consulted for guidance in executing this proposal. We are currently collaborating with Dr. Broaden or narrow your topic to get a feel for who is doing what, where it is being done, and what NINR is funding.

f31 dissertation grant

One rotation was in the lab of Dr. Research facilities are excellent. Given that no previous studies have recognized 11E as a separate serotype, we aim to determine the extent of the role 11E plays following dissertztion 11A infection, setting the stage for future studies addressing the prevention and control of disease caused by serotype 11A.


f31 dissertation grant

Note that the sponsor and any co-sponsors may not submit a letter of reference. This latter method will allow us to the monitor the competitive survival of each serotype using selective antibiotic plates.

Lipoteichoic acid is important in innate immune responses to grampositive bacteria. If our hyptothesis is correct, we expect levels of 11E to be significantly higher than levels of 11A upon collection of isolates. I was awarded the Loyola University Richard Frank Grant dizsertation undergraduate research to perform this project. What is vissertation reasonable submission date for you and your sponsor?

Create and 11A and 11E mouse infection model. The performance site is in Birmingham, Alabama. Though PS may be altered, i.

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A study 33 reported that passively given antibody did not affect the degree of bacteremia at 12 hours post infection, but it resulted in a median time to become moribund of 8 days whereas mice without antibody became moribund in one day. Here is the summary that eRA Commons generated at the start of the sample app, which reflects many key fields from that trant.

Finally, the capacity of serotype 11A to escape an 11A-specific humoral response through wcjEinactivation in vivo and the effects on pathology will be verified in a murine infection model. Writing of the proposal was performed by the PI. Pediatr Infect Dis J.

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This method does not readily detect subpopulations within trant culture. It is offered twice a year Fall and Spring. Indeed, evidence shows that individuals may be capable of mounting an immune response that is not dissretation to serotypes where the only difference is Oacetylation, i.


This study also begins to validate the use of de-O-acetylated PS in pneumococcal vaccines for disease prevention, a similar strategy to what is being developed against other bacterial pathogens The program and university has offered me many opportunities for both academic and personal growth.

Inclusion of Women, Minorities and Children: Unfortunately, my research was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina, and I was unable to obtain enough data for publication. For eight weeks, my work focused on describing the kinetics of organelle destruction in macrophages following treatment with toxinx. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines and old adults The goal of this grant is to study pneumococcal antibodies induced in old adults.

Independent and competitive OPKA survival of strains expressing 11A and 11E capsule will be compared, and the capacity of purified 11A and 11E PS to inhibit functional antibodies will be determined.

f31 dissertation grant

Strengths A highly qualified applicant with longstanding interests in infectious diseases and academic medicine who has the potential to become a leader in the field. Since any influence of capsule differences may be masked by a humoral response to non-capsule antigens, sera will be absorbed with a nonencapsulated strain e.

Discussion of case studies and video clips illustrating grantt.