Aim 3 – missing important experimental details no. Unfortunately, my research was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina, and I was unable to obtain enough data for publication. The candidate PS will be mixed with an adjuvant quilA or alum. An animal facility is located in the basement of Bevill Biomedical Research Building and has a specially designed room for housing mice that are used for pneumococcal infections. Through collaboration with groups studying NP isolates, we will screen using methods established in our lab 8, 9. Serum from blood samples will be analyzed for pneumococcal antibody levels determined by ELISA and capacity to opsonize pneumococci determined by opsonophagocytic killing assay.

If differences are detected in capsule production, we will design additional experiments to examine protective features, such as complement deposition, etc. Inclusion of women and minorities: Applicants should be especially careful to follow scholarly practices in providing citations for source materials relied upon when preparing any section of the application. You may find more information on reference letters here , and instructions on submitting a reference letter here. The three-credit hour, semester long course provides a survey of ethical issues and principles in the practice of science.

f31 dissertation grant

P rotections for Human Subjects: I also rotated and eventually joined the laboratory of Dr. This list, however, is only for the PI who got the funding, and does not include other faculty who are co-investigators on that grant. Aim 3 – missing important experimental details no.

NIH NRSA F31 Cheatsheet – School of Public Health

Recommend as Requested R e s our c e Sharing Plans: Moon Nahm has extensive record of mentoring postdoctoral scientists.


If you have no research experience, list other scientific experience.

Ask colleagues to share their experience and a successful application example with you. We recently discovered many new pneumococcal serotypes including serotypes 6C, 6D, and 11E.

Examine nasopharyngeal NP isolates for the presence of 11E strains. Rapid multiplex assay granr serotyping pneumococci with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

The university also contains a Center for Clincial and Translational Research which sponsors and supports the training of physician scientists. The performance site is in Birmingham, Alabama. Explain why the sponsor, co-sponsor and institution were selected to accomplish the research training goals.

Calix, Sample F31 Application and Summary Statement

Calix JJ and Dorn P. Each reference must include the names of all authors in the same sequence in which they appear in the publicationthe article and journal title, book title, volume number, page numbers, and year of publication.

Yother specializes in bacterial genetics and physiology; and Dr. Research hypothesis is novel and research has important implications for vaccine development and public health.

The experience and expertise I obtain from this work will contribute to both the overall knowledge of the field of S. Growth will be monitored using OD measurements and serial dilutions on antibiotic selective plates. In some cases, protective antibody will be given passively.

Antibodies will be administered prior and during infection and CFU numbers will be determined in all the tissues mentioned above.

NIH NRSA F31 Cheatsheet

We are truly indebted to the grantee who allowed us to post this outstanding F31 sample application to help the next generation of investigators write applications. Later, I then spent a year in the lab of Dr.


Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for quantitation of human antibodies to pneumococcal polysaccharides. David Briles and Dr. The time at which they become moribund will be recorded. List of Referees [Redacted from this sample.

In order to achieve infection, diasertation may be infected intraperitonealy One referee compares him to Roger Perlmutter!

f31 dissertation grant

After establishing colonization and bacteremia models of infection, we will validate whether preimmunization with conjugated polysaccharide incurs a protective humoral response against infection. Some innovative approaches, such as FACS-based analysis of serotypes.

Strengths The multi-pronged approach proposed to test applicant’s hypothesis will provide broad exposure to experimental methodologies used in microbial pathogenesis and vaccine research. Since 11E PS may contain epitopes found on both 11A and 11E strains, we hypothesize that in vivo growth will be affected in both serotypes.

Positive correlation between rissertation phosphorylation of CpsD and capsular polysaccharide production in Streptococcus pneumoniae.

f31 dissertation grant

Nahm as my research mentor because his grang on both the medical and basic science components of research makes him an ideal mentor for students pursuing careers as medical scientist. Scholastic Performance [Redacted from this sample.