Are you freaking kidding me!?! If you receive the letter by e-mail, you can simply forward it to us by email for processing. There is an additional shipping fee for international delivery. September 13, at Am I allowed to open this and check what I received before submitting it to for its apostille?????

Your post was so helpful! June 8, at As you have probably noticed, Spanish bureaucracy is very decentralized so requirements are not really consistent across regions. Actually, I wanted to point something out another trick that may or may not help out. Hm… I have a feeling the US State Department will just be able to write that part in for you and everything will be Ok. For the record, I think your estimate of weeks is a bit optimistic.

I think anyone who was having trouble accessing the form with drop-down menus was accessing the PDF version of the form. If not, do I need to have the Apostille stamped document with me on June 28th or could I send my FBI check to the US department of State with a stamped envelope and request for the Apostille seal to be sent directly to the consulate?

December 30, at 4: My appointment with the SF Spanish consulate is on the 15th which means I will have to reschedule!

How to Get the FBI Background Check and Apostille for Auxiliares Program |

Which brings be to the next point: Eve- Thanks for your apostille of yall have helped me sleep a little better at night! I went on the Department of State website and tried to download the DS form, but when I clicked on the link, it only directed me to a Officials Forms page where I could only find the pdf version of the form.


May 25, at Write a Reply or Comment Cancel reply. January 11, at July 2, at Send Us a Message: Providing a checklist, often at the beginning or end of a form, helps remind users about all the things they should remember to attach, and any further steps they need to go through.

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If you need to return your document to an international address, please include an bakground airway bill with your request. And regarding your question on whether you should do it in your home state or DC, you can get an apostille from your North Carolina Secretary of State office for documents notarized in the state of North Carolina.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

If anyone else has information on getting their medical certificate apostilled, please letrer June 4, at 2: Mail the documents in certified mail like FedEx is recommended: If somebody knows the answer to this, or you find it out, please post it here! Yesterday my sister took her signed medical certificate to a notary in DC, then got a walk-in apostille in DC, and soon she coveg turn everything into the consulate there.


Thank you so much!!

An apostille was bound to my CBC and had a raised seal on it. Did you find out any more information about this while trying to get the Apostille?

How to Apostille a FBI Background Check

You must complete all the denotes fields. July 22, at 6: Invoicing is also available for select clients only. June 29, at 3: August 4, at 1: But I tend to go overboard.

fbi background check apostille cover letter

Good luck and post any updates! Ben, Thanks for the response! I showed them my old one and they started the process but I have to come back with my new FBI check with the Appostille before they will issue the Visa.

To do it yourselfthere are some steps come first chwck getting the apostille stamp. May 27, at 7: C Regarding the documents…which ones have to be Apostilled?

fbi background check apostille cover letter