Establish a tax plan to incorporate the impact of tax consequences on business decisions. Kentucky Department of Education. Marketing Management Tasks Define the industry characteristics, major competitors, and market segment. Identify types of sources of credit and credit terms. Sparrow, Nickolas English Language Arts: Financial Management Tasks Competency: Develop employee recruitment plan to obtain qualified employees.

Career Cluster Resources for Finance. James, Sherry Social Studies: Compare costs, qualifications, and procedures for various forms of credit. Collect and interpret financial data to prepare financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow projections, and summary of sales and receipts. Thompson, Simone [Title 1] Science: Brady, Sonny English Language Arts: Motivate and supervise personnel to achieve completion of projects and company goals.

Apply computational skills to computerized financial documents.

FBLA Entrepreneurship Tests

Kasam, Ganesh [Title 1] Math: Complete credit forms and applications. Baggarly, Whitney English Language Arts: Exhibit positive work behaviors and personal qualities to enhance the work environment. Moore, Ethan Social Studies: Thompson, Simone [Title 1] Science: Corder, Johnny Social Studies: Conduct initial feasibility study by identifying industry trends, competition, eexample market segment using various research techniques.


fbla entrepreneurship case study example

Good Luck, and check back frequently for updates! Explain expressed and implied warranties for sale of goods. Overstreet, Jimmy Physical Education: Select a business opportunity based on research.

Utilize standard processes to move, store, locate, and transfer ownership of goods and services. Lukat, Reed Graduation Coach: James, Sherry Social Studies: Develop and deliver effective customer relation skills to provide good customer service.

Johnson, Alisha English Language Arts: Plan, entreprenneurship, and implement employee orientation and ongoing studg programs.

Describe concepts of risk management including factors that affect business risk and rate of return. Personnel Management Tasks Competency: Kentucky Entrepreneudship Skill Standards List.

Discuss methods of solving credit problems.

Recognize the importance of union-management relationship and contracts to ensure business continuity. Identify and explore career opportunities to create a professional growth and development plan.

Moore, Shannan M Social Studies: Collect and interpret financial data to prepare financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow projections, and summary of sales and receipts. Plan and maintain a budget.


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Develop procedures to retain records. Develop and implement a exzmple relations program for the company. Record business transactions to track business activities and manage cash and banking procedures.

fbla entrepreneurship case study example

Develop and implement a plan for evaluation of employee performance and productivity. Identify and maintain records of the initial capital assets current assets; investments; property, plant, and equipment. Examine federal, state, and local current events to determine their impact on the organization.

Select accounting system to apply good accounting practices. Prepare a management plan that incorporates legal entrepreneurdhip, business protection, quality control, and operations.