The one issue I had with Female Chauvinist Pigs was that it was more of a survey than an in-depth analysis. Levy proposes the following as a solution: I recommend hanging on through the first chapter of the book. Seventies radicals, help us out here! I appreciated this, but felt like maybe that should have been the first chapter. Women, it seems, either want to be ‘like men’, in the most limited definition possible, or they want to be like the siliconised women they think appeal to men. As teens, both males and females are sorting out a lot of angst and societal issues within themselves and if they would happen to stumble upon the argument of Levy, it might have a lasting effect on them.

On the other end of the spectrum, Levy takes issue with women who make their way in a man’s world by playing by men’s rules. The s saw the ever-growing sexualization of the media, with raunchiness emerging in the overlapping interfaces of music, TV, video and advertising. How naive those women were to think they’d achieved anything; equal-opportunity farting – now that’s what I call progress. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In Female Chauvinist Pigs, she finds a thread that follows and lays bare all these contradictions. When men realise that they have the capability to fundamentally respect women, and women realise that they have the power to present themselves as empowered, fully capable people, raunch culture may moan its last and final faked orgasm. Some women adopt the look what Levy often refers to as a porn look:

She is confused theesis to why women would promote their newly found sexual freedom by revealing more of their bodies to please men, and equally mesmerized by their nakedness. How the place that gave us Gloria Steinem could now be teetering on the edge of banning the right to an abortion.

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Society books Gloria Steinem reviews. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In Female Chauvinist Pigs, she finds a thread that follows and lays bare all these contradictions.


The idea of the female chauvinist pig, a women working with masculine mentalities, is a concept that I had never had drawn to my attention before. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: How reality shows, in pigss women were surgically transformed into identical Barbie dolls, could become the most widely chauinist phenomenon on television.

female chauvinist pigs thesis

Her trip to the strip club and description of the bored expression on womens faces as they played out sex fantasies really stuck in my head. She loves reading, particularly stories by and about women.

Silicone sisters

Why try to beat them when you can join them? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Levy refers to this as ” raunch culture. If women continue to emulate these perceived of as necessary masculine characteristics, will there ever really be a day in which feminine characteristics might hold some power of their own?

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Her argument is a bit foggy and it feels as if she is hiding behind the interviews, rather than using them to construct an argument.

The argument is astonishing, not merely for what it says but also for the fact that it says it. If we believed that we were sexy and funny and competent and smart, we would not need to be like strippers or like men or like anyone other than our own specific individual selves… the rewards would be the very things Female Chauvinist Pigs want so desperately, the things women deserve: It maed me think harder about sexual freedom and cchauvinist men have used it as another tool of exploiting oigs.

If you remove the human factor from sex and make it about stuff—big fake boobs, bleached blonde hair, long nails, poles, thongs—then you can sell it.


About Madeleine Gyory Madeleine is a social media butterfly who tweets and does some other things for the Women’s Media Center, a media advocacy non-profit based in NY. The Girls Gone Wild GGW team tours locations where there are numerous young people who are likely to be drinking large quantities of alcohol — spring break destinations, sports bars, Mardi Grasand “hard-partying colleges” — filming young women who are willing to expose their bodies on camera.

Views Read Edit View history. It is written in a witty and conversational style, with interviews interspersed here and there.

A Look at Levy’s take on Female Chauvinist Pigs

Playboyan American magazine company that features photographs of nude women, was founded by Hugh Hefnerbut is primarily run by women. February 21, at 4: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Levy has one central thesis: Levy’s book is timely.

How naive those women were to think they’d achieved anything; equal-opportunity farting – now that’s what I call progress. University of Pittsburgh Kenneth P. In other moments, sometimes in the same paragraph, Levy argues that the women who make themselves into bunnies, flash a camera for a trucker hat, or imitate the culture, do it out of empowerment.

Are they more empowered, or less in comparison? I thought it was extremely relevant to her argument about how some women today have adapted some characteristics typically considered to be masculine in order climb career ladders.

female chauvinist pigs thesis

Further, Levy theorizes that many women internalize the objectifying male gaze that permeates a raunch culture, leading them to participate in self-objectification quite willingly, falsely believing that it is a form of female empowerment and sexual liberation.