If you are considering starting your own business, here are some interesting names that you can choose from;. We bought a Hurricane SD in September. Extremely satisfied by the staff, maintenance, and sales people at Cape Fear Marine. My new boat is better than expected. Some of the challenges include, getting an appropriate business license, getting the right location, keeping your cost low, etc.

Dealer was excellent to work with. We will be back when we are ready to purchase a boat again. My new boat is better than expected. I would recommend a Hurricane for people that are looking for a versatile safe boat to use in the bays an close to shore. AS a first time buyer, I didn’t know what to expect. Dealer replaced it under warranty.

Awesome experience with Gamble’s and Hurricane.

From the boat design, seating layout, storage compartments, great handling, and overall finish, my Hurricane FunDeck rocks! The staff at Dave’s could were very courteous and even picked up our boat and brought it back.

We purchased this boat for family fun in the back Bays in Delaware and the Ocean. Our Hurricane takes wake and waves with ease.

We are glad we did — we love our new boat! Some of bsuiness areas of specialization in the Jet Ski rental business are as follows.

Starting a Jet Ski Rental Business

Very stable, safe and fun boat for the family. Purchased so the whole family can go. Starting this business from the scratch will help you grow and learn more as an entrepreneur, and will give you the experience that a franchise would not give you.


My wife loves the couch for lazy day naps. Others on the lake just look in awe of the power and responsiveness and how it actually just looks sitting in the water. It is a month ride and does not porpoise.

Starting a Jet Ski Rental Business – A Complete Guide

I only wish that we had done this years ago. If you succeed, we succeed, so let us help you! Pan are many other issues you would need to consider when choosing a location for your Jet Ski rental business. From the very beginning it was a pleasant experience. Great boat, have enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The Jet Ski Rental business is all about renting of jet skis to beach-goers during warm seasons.

gdy ski business plan

My family has been using it every weekend and we love it. Looking forward to sharing my boat with others on Lake St. The custom boat arrived as designed and has performed well. Insurance is a very important aspect of a Jet Ski business.

gdy ski business plan

One of the most important factors to think about is how to distinguish your business from others based on strategies you intend to put in place. My wife wanted a pontoon, and I wanted a speedboat, so we compromised on this deck boat.


I wanted a fishing plqn.

Jet Ski Business Plan

My previous boat was a Sea Swirl Striper which I considered very seaworthy and able to comfortably operate is choppy seas. We absolutely love it! This is the first deck boat I have owned and was peasantry surprised at how well it handled choppy water.

gdy ski business plan

I love the versatility of my Hurricane deck boat! I couldn’t decide whether to purchase a fishing or cruising vessel. This means your business plan must be interesting enough to convince the lending institution.

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Very stable and responsive with the Suzki on the back. I’m extremely happy with the purchase. We love the time we spend on our Hurricane and the service we sko from Kent’s Harbor marina. We love the fresh water shower and sink. Since the Jet Skis are the main equipment, it is not advisable to buy them fairly used as the cost of maintenance could be more than the cost of buying new ones in the long run.