Jews as the chosen people Unification Church Korea Exclusivism. During the preceding eighty years the Germans had sacrificed to the Reich all their liberties; they demanded as a reward the enslavement of others. Jahrhunderts , 7, 1 , pp. Yet it was he who drove the German political and military establishment into a policy of conciliation in Poland. See also Epstein, Model Nazi , p. Smith critiques this post- Sonderweg continuity thesis for its lack of temporal depth and national specificity. This article contains weasel words:

A similar administrative apparatus was set up in the countryside. Imitation, Adaptation, and Synchronism with the West: In , Polish—Jewish tensions connected with the elections to the Duma had led to an outpouring of anti-Jewish sentiment, including a boycott that was still in place in National Socialism was too new to have broken apart the Weimar Republic; it merely picked up the pieces. They contained an elaborate series of regulations governing the place of minority schools in the new school system, but they applied only to the German minority.

Sincehistorians such as Fischer, Wehler, and Hans Mommsen have drawn a harsh indictment of the German elite of the period —, who were accused of promoting authoritarian values during the Second Reich, being solely responsible for launching World War Isabotaging the democratic Weimar Republic, and aiding and abetting the Nazi dictatorship in internal repression, war, and genocide.

They give no direct evidence. In the long term, they represented an obstacle to democratization and parliamentarianism. No longer the epitome of illiberalism, antimodernism and irrationality, Germany is now seen as the catastrophic apotheosis of modernity, reflecting the same dark problems of modernity found in countries across the world but to an extreme and seemingly unique degree.

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Until the mids, the Sonderweg debate was polarized with most non-German participants at one pole and German participants at the other. At the very outset of the occupation, the Germans had worked to get the school system functioning again. After Germany’s defeat in World Sondeeweg II inthe term Sonderweg lost its positive connotations from the 19th century and acquired its present negative meaning.


The case of Poland is instructive here. The hatreds generated by the collapse of the occupation regime and the subsequent period of German—Polish hostility may provide a partial explanation for why the Germans behaved with such savagery once they arrived back in Poland at the beginning of the Second World War. These local German activists could easily sonderwg ignored when needed, and it appears that their presence played only a secondary role.

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During this time, it sondeeweg not clear on which side of the border the city would be. Smith critiques this post- Sonderweg continuity thesis for its lack of temporal depth and national specificity.

Indeed, contemporary ideas of nation and nationalism have had a determining influence on interpretations of Luther. Isabel Hull, Absolute Destruction: The Jewish plague is gradually becoming intolerable.

Sonderweg thesis

Similarly, Madajczyk Okkupationspolitikp. The Twisted Road to Litzmannstadt. Entry for 7 Nov. Still, crucial links between these two experiences exist.

german sonderweg thesis

It remains to be seen, whether future scholarship will initiate a process of historicization of the Hitler period, for example by comparing it with Stalinist Russia and with examples such as the Stone Age Communism of Cambodia.

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Is it a case of the wise-after-the-fallacy to read so much into those early rebels ofwhom many historians still consider great liberals? Letter from Barbara to Heinrich, dated Feb.


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He feared that expanding beyond formerly Prussian Poland would present an insurmountable task in the expulsion of Poles. In Januarythe Government-General issued germann District Order Kreisordnung that delegated to the districts many of the same tasks given to the cities through the creation of district assemblies Kreisversammlungen.

german sonderweg thesis

The occupation regime restored Polish participation in municipal governance, allowed for the re-establishment of Polish-language instruction in Poland, and tolerated a flourishing Polish and Jewish press.

Historian Hans-Ulrich Wehler of the Bielefeld School places the origins of Germany’s path to disaster in the s and s, when economic modernization took place, but political modernization did not happen and the old Prussian rural elite remained in firm control of the army, diplomacy and the civil service.

The Kaiserreich did show signs of modernism. Toronto page In the homeland people are demanding all kinds of unreasonable things in this regard, demands that one cannot make of a state, if it is to bear this name at all. Log In Sign Up. Third, Nazi policies towards east Europeans evolved and adapted more according to wartime conditions and needs than to deeply ingrained and stable cultural perceptions. This gave a militaristic approach to German government that lasted through the Weimar Republic and into National Socialism.

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german sonderweg thesis