Wireless communication increasingly is becoming the first choice link to enter into the global information society. Complete system integration, verification and debug on DSP boards. This is due that the capacity of. During which I was at Ericsson Research, Stockholm as intern working on my master thesis. One of the most prominent applications in the fibre optic system is radio over fibre RoF.

In [4] a was presente d n d premises e q n d split ratio. Compared to microwave bands such as 2. The throughput constraint can be expressed with re-. Validate new wireless concepts with rapid prototyping. The refractive index between the core and the cladding is about 0. Further key issues for investigation are the cell sizes of a base station, the backhaul method wireless, fibre and free space optical , and the use of enterprise and femto-cell technologies [9]. Each ONU can support different applications, therefore distri- bution links should have sufficient bandwidth such that the remaining capacity on distribution links, can guaran- tee the minimum throughput.

Green Radio Communication Networks Applying Radio-over-Fibre Technology for Wireless Access

An optimization problem has been formulated to find. More information on the project is available here: The design was done using verilog HDL. Chapter 6 summarises the thesis and presents ideas for future research. When jaster is broken, the other. In the normal status, each BRAS just take the service traffic which belongs to the corresponding areas.

The number of segments indicates the difference. I owe great thank to my wife, for her support, understanding and patience during all these years. These technologies bring mobile broadband services to areas where currently fixed broadband access is not practicable due to excessive cost [4].


Link and Cost Optimization of FTTH Network Implementation through GPON Technology

I am also grateful to my colleagues for their continuous support and suggestions. The thesis aims were to: Relative Network Cost The number of network segments is the most important D. N the ONUs number in the network segment which. For example, Vodafone needs one million litres of diesel per day to operate its remote base stations thesjs [5].

This approach is expressed in.

RoF is commonly used for wireless access. Where M k represents the number of ONUs connected. If a two main stan. The overall aim of this research project was to simulate the transmission of wireless and baseband RF signals via fibre for a long distance in high quality, consuming a low-power budget. An optimization problem has been formulated to find the optimal capacity and co st of GPON access network links guarantee that a minimum throughput can be en- sured for supported traffic classes.

Understanding GPON By Adnan Umar. – ppt video online download

If a two main stan- dards EPON and GPONnamed xPON, are considered, a series of important optimization problems for the de- sign, plan, and deployment of FTTH networks and pas- sive optical networks should be considered since they truly effect on the network efficiency and performance. Fibre optic technology is understood as the promising technology for future networks and is a system trusted by users.

gpon master thesis

I would like to thank the staff in the School of Engineering and Information Sciences for their support and encouragement. Further key issues for investigation are the cell sizes of a base station, the backhaul method wireless, fibre and free space opticaland the use of enterprise and femto-cell technologies [9].


The main challenge of the signal transmission via RoF for a long distance is the power attenuation and chromatic dispersion in SMF at wavelength nm that can limit the signal transmission. As illustrate in Figurethe numerical aperture measures the maximum angle at which the core of the fibre will take in light, described as the acceptance angle of an optical fibre.

gpon master thesis

Downstream di- rection achieves better utilization than the upstream does, but when cycle time increases the difference will be very little. Firstly, the Muslim mathematician and optics engineer Ibn Sahl accurately described a law of refraction in Bagdad in Pr represents the minimum power acceptable at receiver; the maximum fibre length is determined by [15]:. A study of link utilization ypon channel capacity.

10 Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network Transmission Convergence kerroksen suunnittelu

The utilization affects directly. The light is reflected within the core to the other end of the fibre.

gpon master thesis

Figure 9 illustrates the op- timal total cost of GPON access network for different throughput requirements. As Einstein, he assumed that light is an electromagnetic ray, that consists of photons, which carry energy E and the momentum of the photon thsis. Subscribers are allocated less bandwidth as num- ber of ONU increases. The light waves are spread out into numerous paths, when travelling through the cable’s core, typically with a wavelength of or nm.

This Figure shows that utilization is proportional with cycle time i.