Furthermore, Coben states that “With new technology comes new responsibility. Summarize the debate in 5 sentences. The undercover parent Essay Essay Topic: Although the video was found on a website, the video was first sent between two preteens’ cellphones. Auth with social network:

What well-known cases of Internet danger does Coben cite? Peterson gives too much homework” or “what schoolmate snubbed your son”. What is the most memorable or interesting thing you have learned this unit? Which examples elicit a more emotional response? Furthermore, Coben states that “With new technology comes new responsibility.

Furthermore, Coben states that “With new technology comes new responsibility. Children deserve privacy, but parents should surrender their parental responsibilities and protect them against potential hazards without relying on others.

harlan cobens essay the undercover parent

Coben addresses possible counterarguments throughout his essay. Click to learn more https: What would you have changed about this unit or how would you improve this unit if we had to do it over again?

The undercover parent Essay

Although Coben mentioned many points, he fails to include several factors in his argument. Incorporate rhetorical strategies to strengthen your argument.

How do style and word choice create fit the piece. Keep an open mind and thhe to the other side or the undecided section if you feel that someone made a good argument or your opinion is swayed. Cyber-bullying takes place on social networking sites i. Although Coben himself was, as he stated, “repelled at this invasion of privacy,” before having done a “fair amount” of research, he goes on about explaining how parents have the ability to invade a significant portion of his or her private world through spy ware.


The author believes that children should know that their parents may spy on them by using computer software. Explain why your position strengthened, weakened, or changed, and the reasons for your thinking. Parents may not always be able to prevent children contact with them by explaining them the risks.

The group of readers to whom this piece undercovee directed What unfercover the Purpose?

Edwin Mendoza: Response essay to “The Undercover Parent”

Check header, double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, works cited also double spaced: Although the video was found on a website, the video was first sent between two preteens’ cellphones. State your logical argument refuting that reason. Coben creates a concerned and informal tone for parents that want to uphold their parental responsibility. Opposing views will have an opportunity to ask questions of the different groups and each group will have an opportunity to respond.

Check header, quotation integration, double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font. indercover

Arguments in Action– The Undercover Parent

How does the author unfold the main idea throughout the article? Once a child turns a certain age, their actions are no longer the responsibility of the parent.

You must address the counterclaim, but then explain in your rebuttal why your side of the argument is still the best. Does the author seem knowledgeable about relationships between parents and their teen s? Is it OK to spy on your kids? Coben acknowledges the fact that teenagers will find other ways to communicate once they learn that parents are watching. The general topic, content, and ideas contained in the text What is the Occasion? Be sure that when you speak, you address the ideas, not the person stating them.


The article is mainly about ComputerHarlan Coben. Unknown September 23, at 8: In doing so, the parents would be able to protect their children from tragic events such as, the author mentions, “gambling away their entire life savings” or having a child being “cyber bullied until the point where she committed suicide”.

There should be limits to teen’s use of electronics and technology.

harlan cobens essay the undercover parent

Having been assigned a particular side of the topic and representing a certain group of people, you will create a convincing campaign and argument to persuade the members of the school community present in the forum.

Uundercover September 10, at Evidence is probably the most important factor in writing an argument essay.