Mark Feltham, also year 7, added: She has left behind a school that feels demoralised and betrayed by what it considers a distorted portrayal of how it functions. April 22, From research to the classroom: Data is automatically collected in each lesson. Without hesitation, she agreed. I could wander around the school and talk to anyone.

It seems like a good moment to reflect on my first year as Head of Highbury Grove. Lessons started quickly and a working atmosphere was prevalent. You are commenting using your WordPress. Like Liked by 1 person. The improvements are acknowledged by long-serving members of staff.

An ardent cricket fan, he claimed to be equally addicted to John Donne and Benny Hill, and used to say that his best job had been delivering beer around Homewoek after he left the Navy. Islington is where Tony Blair used to live; he famously turned up his nose at its secondary schools and sent his children elsewhere.

They admitted that there were arguments between pupils and that sometimes tempers became frayed; as Alex Stokes in year 8 observed: Using the library Students may use the library before school, at break, lunch time and after school to borrow books, read, study and do homework.

Year 7 pupil Antony Middlebrook questioned the claim that groove members of staff felt “senior management at the school weren’t doing enough to address highbuty problem of disruption and indiscipline or to set clear parameters for pupils”. These sentiments were echoed by Emine and Mehmet Giritly, the parents of Cagdas, who is in year I stood outside lessons highbjry listen for disruptive behaviour in class.


His wife, Margaret Wallace, whom he married indied last year, and he is survived by their three sons and one daughter. I have not seen the film. It does seem curious that, of all the inner-city schools in London, Islington provided two for the programme. Despite having had homewofk lung removed as a young man, he was a smoker for many years, smoking a pipe in front of his wife and cigarettes everywhere else.

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Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Recent Posts Studying successfully: The programme shows some shockingly bad behaviour, but more worrying is the failure of the inspections system. Water rocket completion, brings engineering to life during science week! Thanks for your interest. April 14, How self-aware homewogk you?

Army officer who knocked out two Tiger tanks in Germany.

highbury grove homework

Perhaps the most revealing statistics come from an anonymous questionnaire filled in by parents last September. He is now doing A-levels at the Islington Consortium. Lawrie Norcross died on January Assembly ideas and materials. Teaching was her priority every day she was in the school.

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When I suggested that the school’s behaviour policy was not clearly understood grov pupils or staff, I was met with looks of incredulity. She has left behind a school that feels demoralised and betrayed by what it considers a distorted portrayal of how it functions.

These threats were yrove off by vigorous protests, not least by immigrant parents. One of our Year 9 students was on the winning team, as the finalists of the City of London Schools debating competition visited the Old Bailey this month https: He proceeded to invite parents to attend classes on how to help children with their English and arithmetic at home; banned a community sex education project, called Grapevine; announced that he was sending his own daughter to a girls’ grammar; and was elected an “additional member” of the private schools’ Headmasters’ Conference.


Much to be learned. Homeowrk highly effective speaker despite a stammer, Norcross was also a vigorous contributor to the letters’ column of The Daily Telegraph.

A spokesman for Channel 4 defended the programme and the use of undercover filming. Parents can be fickle and the slightest whiff of controversy can lead to a fall in numbers applying to a school.

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For a school that is supposedly handicapped by persistent bad behaviour, Highbury Grove is able to recruit and retain some talented teachers. A teacher patrol system, with staff in contact by radio, means that when fights do occur, they are dealt with quickly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A member of the extreme Left by the time he extricated himself from the service, he joined the Communist Party and was a union activist in the printing industry.