When I asked one of the UPA contacts why the other projects are less successful, she explained that there are more tensions in the other communities which complicate the social preparation process: I began by compiling the selected Initial codes and In Vivo codes in a table organised according to their frequency Major components of the project which calls for channel improvement infrastructure to mitigate frequent flood damage have not yet been implemented. In , PRRC developed a master plan of river improvement works, relocation of informal settlers, green parks along the river, and water- surface utilization for leisure activities PRRC Risks and a Proposal for Safeguards. Furthermore, being official homeowners would prevent the children from being seen as taga ilog7 by their classmates, and the youngest children would play safer further away from the water Interview 6,

Construction of constructed wetlands and wastewater treatment systems 5. I certify that I have been told of the confidentiality of information collected for this project and the anonymity of my participation; that I have been given satisfactory answers to my inquiries concerning project procedures and other matters; and that I have been advised that I am free to withdraw my consent and to discontinue participation in the project or activity at any time without prejudice. The urban poor federation can be seen as a form of bridged social capi- tal where the urban poor communities has pooled and increased their social capital in order to gain more influence over the presidential election and the urban development. This results in serious flooding along the river, affecting nearby communities and carrying polluted water to the households living close to the river. Due to the limitations of the scope of this thesis, and my limited time in Manila, this was not possible. The tapes and transcripts will become the property of project. Remember me on this computer.

Ayers sug- gests that adaptation have to include the most environmentally vulnerable and allow for the current strategies of adaptation to be contested Ayers, Thus, my research only give insight to a particular time and place of the community.

The interest behind the engagement of the bridged actors are not necessarily the same interest as the ISFs have; the bridged actors could seek out other outcomes from the connection than the community of Legarda does.


Pas- sive migrants on the other hand have a higher tendency to change their area of destination when obstacles appear, as it is the factors pushing the migrant away from their place of origin that determine the choice to migrate.

The main arguments derived from the literature review are: As with many old cities all over the world, water is a key defining characteristic of Manila. Together with the NML cluster leaders she became my gatekeeper to the community Creswell, Academy of management review 27 117— The rationale behind choosing a single case study is based on the uniqueness of the case of Legarda Yin, The housing problem has led to many informal settlers living without any secu- rity of tenure and under constant threats of eviction.

So many children are living by the riverside.

Urban River Rehabilitation and Flood Control: Case Study of the Pasig River System

By Stephanie N Gilles. As a non- profit organization, AFI presumably gets their spots for free which would have cost millions of pesos.

ilog pasig case study

How long have you lived here? In order to get answers on this topic, I will study the case of the housing project here in Legarda-Legarda. Additionally informal settlements can create an affordable urban space for habitation, social networks and small businesses for the urban poor Hell- man, Stusy is not therefore about urbanization, globalization, and free tradebut comprehensive planning, organization and discipline. It is only after these procedures are completed that the negotiation with paisg seller and the DSWD can start.

ilog pasig case study

Participants in and numbered 86, and 70, respectively. Many of the relocation sites also lack public services such as hospitals and schools.

From a climate justice perspective it is im- portant to learn how to achieve successful adaptation in low income nations as climate hazards in urban areas are threatening development, especially since urban areas often are the economic and political centres of a country Satterthwaite, The NML even stand to lose the 14 homes that have been constructed. But as one UPA contact pointed out: The accumulated resources within the bonded social capital keeps increasing as the cluster leaders are finding more ways to convince the larger community in Manila and the gov- ernment that they have the same right to live in the city just as anyone else; as long as informal settlers get access to these basic rights, the urban poor can contribute to the city as any other citizen.


Urban River Rehabilitation and Flood Control: Case Study of the Pasig River System

The husband of one of the cluster leaders explains: The fact that the stuy in the Philippines tend to shift with each pres- ident elected, is not only problematic for the urban poor, it is also part of the reason why rehabilitation of the Pasig River has been inconsistent and problematic for many decades.

In czse cases, the clus- ter leaders were not available for interviews, in which case I interviewed the assisting cluster leader instead.

However, in the political turmoil of the s and instability of the succeeding years, a consistently implemented strategy was not realized. The margins of the neglected esteros attracted hundreds of thousands of informal settlers estimated athouseholds in National Census, liog The main objective of improving water quality of the Pasig River to class C standard i.

Mabilin suggests that less concern should be put on urban security of tenure and ownership of homes.

The Pasig River Essay

Together with the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the River Warriors Training and Volunteer Management Program trained hundreds of volunteers, mostly residents of communities around the Estero de Paco, on law enforcement and ecological solid waste management.

Flows of information or tsudy can be described as an expression of social capital rather than just an asset Adger, It is my understanding that since NML and UPA work closely together and towards the same objectives, my relationship to UPA would not affect the answers to the sort of questions I asked.

With the continued urbanization of Manila and surrounding districts, rivers and esteros became important economic infrastructure. In the end, NML managed to avoid 6 Translated: