His is a major overhaul which would be beneficial for the company in the long run, but would require further investigation ensure that the best product was purchased for the best price. Join over 45, other A quote can be arranged once decisions have been made concerning company requirements. Self confidence will also be improved since they are flexible with their work. Staff members who are not familiar with the duties of their peers cannot help. If an account is seven days overdue, the customer is telephoned to request immediate payment. The benefit to the company would be that they would not have to pay extra wages for re-inputting the data lost and therefore make the company more cost effective and competitive within the industry.

This will minimize delayed payments. Inkwell Ltd should choose a quality machine that is simple to use. Although it is advantageous to have all the computers running on the same software and web browser systems, there is a downside, in that each computer must be updated and configured individually, which is costly to the company. The Company Accountant instructed the accounts department to back up data once only, and only at the end of the working day. Price lists and credit terms might also be required. Ward once worked as a holiday company resort representative.

This means that there are no time delays encountered by having to make amendments to invoices returned due to containing discrepancies in the recorded data so increasing cash flow. The company is not ensuring that the staff are acting with professional inkwel. This employee does not currently possess any relevant qualifications and has expressed their reluctance and unwillingness to participate on any training activities.

Completing the AAT qualification provides This information can be accessed and stolen by dishonest and untrustworthy persons who use this information with the intention of obtaining financial and personal gain, so creating fraud.

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How about receiving a customized one? Extended induction of new staff can also cost the company as they are not available for work while some preparations are carried on.


I structured my project as ibkwell Title page 30 words Cotents Page 40 words 1. This would cost the company minimal labour hours in production but would help the company by allowing staff to concentrate on the task in hand rather than being too focused on training others.

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It is the most secure method of cae for the company and customer, prevents fraud and is of no further cost to the company as it is already a system in use by most companies. However, the Technician is currently studying for inkqell AAT qualification, with the aim of passing the exams within the following year. The statements prevent fraud by the company in the customer is able to check all the invoices and credit notes issued.

Procedures of dealing with this matter are essential to ztudy people against any harmful effect. Once the plan has been agreed by your assessor you can start writing your ICAS report. This will in turn entice other staff to follow suit which will ensure ethical behaviour within the company. Icas Exam – Ms-Library.

As no other member of staff was trained on the system, the Payroll and Personnel Clerk had no one to approach who she could ask for help and advice.

Ward once worked dtudy a holiday company resort representative. Price lists and credit terms might also be required.

inkwell ltd case study aat

This will prevent fraud, in that the customer could not deny that they have not received the goods. The company also recycles its own unused ink cartridges, and sends these along with the old cartridges brought in by the customers, to a inkwepl number of manufacturers for refilling.

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Morris is employed on part time 20 hours a week basis. Suppliers will require Inkwell Ltd to pay them on time but since Inkwell Ltd operates with relatively small number suppliers, payments period can be extended aaat complaint.


It would cost a few labour hours, but as the staff are on salary this would be part of their daily routine.

This will mean task at work will have to wait especially when company does not have assistants. If a customer discovers a discrepancy regarding any of the transactions recorded, they can contact the supplier to question this.

However, the receipt by cheque delays the access to cash. This will prevent misstatement of time worked thus help the company not to overstate nor understate payments to employees. This will have a negative impact on labour efficiency in that staff would be shadowing new employees and could be neglecting their own work. Study AAT with Kaplan. Free Essays on Aat – Brainia. AAT develops ICAS within its sthdy as an educational organization, placing a higher priority on principles of user-centered design for these emerging standards.

Employees may commit fraud as they feel justified by their actions.

Inkwell Limited Essay Example for Free – Sample words

If no activity has taken place within this duration, the computer will revert to standby mode hibernation. The company has progressively grown since it was initially set up and currently employs one hundred and eighty full-time employees, and has reported revenue of over sixteen million pounds. Regular meetings and workshops may facilitate to review stydy policies and mark the weak areas so that they can be strengthened.

inkwell ltd case study aat

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