Even if some or even all project stakeholders must meet virtually, it is still important to have a kick-off meeting. The intranet site must include a search feature for users to search by topic, key words, etc. This estimate is based on the project manager working about 20 hours per week for six months and other internal staff working a total of about 60 hours per week for six months. PMO Director Fabiano D Agostinho said, We realized the only way to manage multiple dynamic projects and deliver great products is to focus on project management. Erica also knows that all project meetings with major stakeholders should include an agenda.

You might want to read this section again to enhance your learning. Overview Table of Contents The purpose of this section is to provide a high-level overview. All of the internal staff Joe and Erica recommended agreed to work on the project, and the two client representatives would be Kim Phuong and Page Miller. Their initial inputs resulted in a completion date a few weeks later than planned. If the project takes a little longer to complete or costs a little more than planned, the firm will still view it as a success if it has a good payback and helps promote the firm s image as an excellent consulting organization. Many readers of CIO Magazine commented on its cover story about problems with information systems at the U.

The final design will incorporate comments from users on the initial design. Add this document to collection s.

jwd consulting case study

They also knew that client inputs would be important for this project, so Joe agreed to call the CEOs of two of the firms largest clients to see if they would be willing to provide representatives to work on this project at their own expense.

Cse features suggested by users, if they add value to the business.

JWD Consulting Case Project

Project management software was very helpful throughout the project. There were two-day reviews at the beginning of each project phase to discuss problems and develop solutions to prevent conflict. Erica then helped Jessie assign resources to tasks, entering the projected number of hours everyone planned to work each week on each task.


It includes basic information such as stakeholder names, level of interest in the project, level of influence on the project, and potential management strategies for gaining support or reducing obstacles from that particular stakeholder. Several of the project schedule tasks are dependent on one another.

Joemade a fewminor changes,which Erica incorporated.

jwd consulting case study

Project Selection and Project Initiation Chapter 4 Project Selection and Project Initiation Objectives Understand how to select right projects and why selecting the right projects to work on is important and sometimes difficult for an organization More information.

Introduction Complex Proposal Development Best Practices As grant application requirements become increasingly complex, and teams sutdy funding become increasingly diverse, the need for thoroughly planning.

It will also help reduce internal costs cnsulting improve profitability by providing standard tools, techniques, templates, and project management knowledge to all internal consultants.

She then had each person write down his or her answers to the following questions: JWD Consulting believed in using team contracts for all projects to help promote teamwork and clarify team communications. It was also helpful to develop and follow a team contract. Cinsulting project team produced a hard copy of the final documentation and an electronic copy to store on the new intranet site for other consultants to use as desired.

5 Case Study 2: JWD Consulting’s Project Management Intranet Site Project (Agile Approach)

Note the items included on consjlting project charter and its short length. The estimated payback is within one year, as requested by the sponsor. Joe, the project sponsor, knew it would be important to assemble a strong project team, and he was very confident in Erica s ability to lead that team.

Scope Definition and Scope Management Purpose – To provide practical assistance for defining and managing project scope. Erica also had Joe sign a client acceptance form, one of the sample templates on the new intranet site that the project team suggested all cqse use when closing their projects.

The project management process groups initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing provide a useful framework for understanding project management.


Case Study: JWD Consulting s Project Management Intranet Site Project – PDF

Executing processes include coordinating people and other resources to carry out the various plans and produce the products, services, or results of the project or phase. He also thought it would make sense to make some of the information consuling to the firm s clients.

jwd consulting case study

Write a threepage paper summarizing the main outputs produced during each project process group in this case. The organization s strategic plan expresses the vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategies of the organization. The feature must also be capable of forwarding the question to the appropriate expert as maintained in the system s expert database and capable of providing the status of questions that are answered.

She also suggested that they all meet again in one week to develop the scope statement further and to start creating the WBS for the project.

JWD Consulting Case Project

Why is a Project Charter used? Monitoring and controlling processes measure progress toward the project objectives, monitor deviation from the plan, and take corrective action to match progress with the plan. To guide execution, plans must be realistic and useful, so a fair amount of time and effort must go consuting the planning process; people knowledgeable with the work need to plan the work.

Since a few team members cannot meet often for face-to-face meetings, we will use e-mail, a project Web site, and other technology to assist in communicating.

Erica was confident that they could exceed the projected financial benefits, and she decided to begin capturing benefits as soon as the project team began testing the system. Although you will learn more about each knowledge area in Chapters 4 though 12, it is important first to learn how they fit into the big picture of managing a project.