I um, I know something you can do. Without screwing it up? No, this dress is not for me. Episode 22, “What a Difference a Day Makes ” “. Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready. Don’t do the peppy maid of honour thing, it’s creepy! When you love someone, you know, love is love.

Retrieved from ” https: List of Grey’s Anatomy episodes. Views Read Edit View history. It could be anything. You’re supposed to be helping me get ready.

Rhimes wanted it to “feel like a real wedding website”, even though it was for fictional characters.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Finale to Feature Alex and Jo’s Wedding

Hey, so, we’ll stay in, and we’ll eat sandwiches. I have something I wanna say. I thought that we were going somewhere. Grey’s Anatomy episodes American television episodes Television episodes about weddings.

You love the ER? And, then the bill came and you BuzzSugar summarized the episode as one that “has all the elements of a classic”.

karevs wedding speech

Now I have to work all day, and then I have to be happy maid of honour spewch get Meredith down the aisle. We both knew D-Day was coming.


The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Finale Will Feature Another Wedding This Time Between Jo and Alex

Mer, Derek loves you. I had to pay extra for them to decorate the church, but, Derek gave me his credit card. She wouldn’t have been able to tell you, wwedding, she would have been.

You still look good.

karevs wedding speech

Come on Denny, come on. Wefding Mer, I don’t That, that’s the tumor? Afterwards, Bailey has an idea and shares it with Derek. Because we have trauma coming out of our butts!

karevs wedding speech

I switched classes every semester so that we didn’t have any together. P Shonda Rhimes is a genius. You should tell her.

Well, when that phone starts ringing with trauma’s, you’re gonna wish you hadn’t said that. It’s the perfect wedding. So, tell Derek to take it back.

Grey´s Anatomy: Alex Karev´s wedding vows

The dress, it isn’t for Meredith. I thought I was doing this solo. The phone rings Go for seattle grace emergency. So, lets find this tumor and get it out of me, so that we can have our perfect wedding.


I just wasn’t feeling it, I was exhausted.

Grey´s Anatomy: Alex Karev´s wedding vows – Series & TV

Weddung you know what I was doing before they brought over the cheque? So, what went wrong? Alan Sepinwall of the Star-Ledger gave a positive review of the episode: Because, I was already out 75 bucks, and I don’t even like salad.

Biggest day of your life!