How do I access my school email? Fine Arts Swim Party 6th grade: For this reason, curricular performances and section rehearsals are graded events and require mandatory attendance from each student refer to section on Grading System. How are contributions used? Students who were eligible shall not lose eligibility until 7 calendar days after the end of the grading period.

Fine Arts Swim Party 6th grade: How are contributions used? To facilitate this, please be sure to provide us with a working email that you check daily. I understand that I must be present for at least 4 class periods of the school day to attend an event on that same day outside of school hours. These events also promote friendship and team building. It will be worn as our travel shirt, and every student must have one. Add to collection s Add to saved.

Gum is a choking hazard, and students will receive immediate detention for having gum in the choir room or in a choir sponsored event. Points are deducted for tardiness and for leaving early. Students are expected to stay until the end of all choir concerts. ixd

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I understand that all choir concerts are graded and mandatory events. Includes transportation, meal and fun center admissions. This is a training choir for 7th grade choir.

Fine Arts Swim Party Fee: This also includes weekly written theory assignments.


katy isd mmjh homework

Patrons at the Ied level and higher receive advertising space in our Concert Program. Continual disruption, inappropriate behavior, defiance of authority, or other disregard for school or choir guidelines and policies could result in a parent conference and removal from field trips, social events, or, in extreme cases, the choir program. Both must be returned to the Director with the other required forms immediately.

Singing that same music in the audition process will strengthen singers individually and the school choir overall. All school rules and regulations apply to all field trips.

14-15 MMJH Handbook – Katy Independent School District

I understand the implications of academic eligibility and the consequences of my failure to maintain passing grades 70 or above in all of hkmework classes. These forms may all be found at the back of the handbook and on our teacherweb The Choir travels for various events, including, but not limited to: Choir activities are group events that require the participation of all students.

It is a great honor to be chosen to sing as a member of the Region 23 Honor Choirs. Members of the Honor Choir are invited to attend the All-Region weekend complete with pizza party the night before the concert. You will receive notification when this is complete.

McMeans Junior Iisd Choir. Students who do not perform for this reason will be graded accordingly. You do not have to purchase this if you already own one.


The Choir Director may not, under any circumstances, drive your child home. Glee Choir Through The Decades. Friday, January 9th, Fee: We will have a new design every 3 years. Etiquette — Minor grade — includes appropriate stage deportment and audience etiquette. Uniform — Minor grade — students must be in complete uniform. It will be worn as our travel shirt, and every student must have one.

All students are required to have a spirit shirt.

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Parent support and participation are the lifeblood of our successful choir program at McMeans Junior High School. The choir Director and principal will be responsible homewlrk making this determination. Unless otherwise noted, transportation will not be provided for optional events.

katy isd mmjh homework

This class is a training choir for kafy Varsity Treble Choir. This cost includes professional hemming and dry cleaning of the dresses. Long hair is to be pulled up and away from the face.