You have JavaScript disabled. The structure of your LPC personal statement Although you have 10, characters, you don’t have to use them all. You need to explain why you want to study at that specific institution. All LPC applications are made online via www. Which brings us to:

To qualify as an LPC applicant, you must first have completed your academic stage of training. If you’ve got to this point in your legal career, chances are you’ll have a lot of achievements and skills you can list. The box will allow up to 10, characters, including spaces. Your career aims Solicitor? This can make you seem quite casual and set the wrong tone for your application.

By default only necessary cookies will be used. The box will allow up to 10, characters, including spaces. Your law personal statement needs to be written in stagement clear and precise way. We all know the GDL is necessary. This actually equates to around words and there are a number of things you need to address.

How to make your legal practice course (LPC) application

Avoid negative language on your personal statement. Extra information elsewhere Solicitors Regulation Authority website. This section will detail our top tips on how to write a stand-out law personal statement, as well as advice on writing style, structure and content. How are you going to manage?

Spelling and grammar mistakes must be avoided at all costs, for obvious reasons. It’s best to write your statement out in full sentences and don’t use bullet points. This must be done before making an application for the LPC, confirming that the student has completed the academic stage of training before taking this vocational stage. You will need to add a transcript if you are qualifying from a law degree abroad or if your UK undergraduate degree was over four years ago.


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Once registered, students will find that the LPC application form consists of 10 sections: So you wanna convert to law, huh? The contents of the LPC don’t vary much from provider to provider, so anything you say about the course itself will apply to all three of your choices.

lawcabs personal statement guidance

Wondering how to write your personal statement for law? In more detail, you need to discuss why you have decided to become a solicitor instead of a barrister—and you definitely shouldn’t say it’s because pupillages are more competitive than training contracts.

It is suggested that you include details on why you are applying for the course; what interests you about the course; what motivates you in lxwcabs more general sense; your goals in terms of your future career; your skills and achievements; your hobbies; and further details about your work experience.

Whatever your reason is, you need to communicate this clearly. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference. Whatever your career aims are, convey in your personal statement how this course will help you stateement and proceed with your career aims.

You should also mention any academic achievements you may have; an award for being the best student in your year would be ideal, but you could also mention any particularly impressive exam results—as long as they relate to an area of law you’re interested in.


You will only be able to begin a training contract with a law firm when you have completed the LPC.

Writing style is unique to each and every one of us, and rightly so. Registered in England No. However scary this may seem, characters can often be easier to cut out than whole words — try swapping adjectives for shorter descriptions, or taking them out altogether.

lawcabs personal statement guidance

Here is a handy list of things you should probably cover: Have an abundance of analytical skills? You’ve shown why you want to do the LPC at their institution, but now you need to show why they should want you.

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Whatever you relate should yuidance refer to the course in some manner. However certain law school will specialise in certain areas of law, so it’s probably good to discuss these and explain your reasoning for choosing these institutions.

Did you strive to get a first? Once registered, students will find that the LPC application form consists of 10 sections:. Hardly surprising then, that you might be approaching the September start date with increasing trepidation, with nerves gnawing away in the pit of your stomach.