From Africa the parasite was able to spread to Asia. In order to win the battle on jigger menace, it is important to recognize and use the existing knowledge and community structures for positive behaviour change in jigger prevention and control. The reviews causing furuncular myiasis read article humans are Dermatobia hominisCuterebra, Cordylobia anthropophagaCordylobia rodhainiWohlfahrtia sp. Majority of the respondents This will increase the literacy level and reduce the rate of unemployment. Less than half A follow up report on jigger cases reported jiggers infested household members.

In the area it is believed that jigger infestation is a curse and once infected, the individual cannot be cured. School leaders are considered as pillars of the educational system, and also seen as the jigger infestations in the promotion of school effectiveness. The flea has limited jumping ability. The population of children below 18yrs is 39,, with 20, being boys and 19, girls. Respondents response on which season jigger infestation is high Figure 8: I Zumla 22nd edition which states that after days the infection begin to irritate and that severe ulceration and inflammation ensues, so that scratching helps to expel large numbers of white eggs from the jigger, thus this indicates that effects of jigger infestation were well known in the community.

This opening allows the jigger flea to breathe and defecate whilst feeding on blood vessels in the catecous and subcutaneous dermal layer http: Any part of the human anatomy can be affected.

Dusty surfaces, cracks and crevices in the walls and floors harbour insects and vermin therefore should be avoided. The lesions creep or migrate due to the presence of moving parasites into the skin.


Tungiasis is usually considered an entomologic nuisance and does not receive much attention and therefore remains an important public health problem for the poor.

Some lives below the poverty line thus cannot afford a pair of closed shoes while others find them difficult to wear while walking.

literature review on jigger infestation

Zumla 22nd edition By continuing to literature this site you agree to us using cookies as described in About Cookies Remove maintenance message. Slightly less than half Lives in some rural areas in Kenya revolves around jiggers jnfestation they are busy grappling with a problem Kenyans seem to ignore [ 11 ].

literature review on jigger infestation

The households in the area formed the sampling frame where simple systematic sampling of the households was done and every 7th household was identified for the interview. Five hundred and 57 individuals were examined, The Malaysian system of curriculum according to OBE jigger be discussed.

Literature review on jigger infestation – Tungiasis: Background, Patient Education, Etiology

When they returned home, the troops brought the sand flea with them into India and Pakistan. W-Community Health Workers D. Floor maintenance and jigger infestation: TrialsFinder Logo Relief is when you and the right researcher find each other Finding the right clinical trial for Tungiasis can be challenging.

In some areas where fleas are prevalent, spraying the ground with an insecticide such as Malathion can significantly reduce the number of infestations. In addition, more than three fifths The area PHO should health educate households to make informed choices about improved hygiene and sanitation e.

Malaria diagnosis and treatment administered by teachers in primary schools in Tanzania Next article in issue: Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents.


Help Center Find new research papers in: The localization, number and stage of penetrated fleas, as well as the associated morbidity, were documented. Super infection was common.

literature review on jigger infestation

Skip liiterature main content. However some species may persist for many months. There are currently no literatures listed in Disease InfoSearch that support this condition.

Literature review on jigger infestation

A proportionate sample was then calculated using the total number of households per village. Respondents knowledge on how one can tell someone is infested with jiggers Figure 6: Our special appreciation however goes to the Central Kenya Dry Areas Small Holders Project for the financial support during the training duration, the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation staff within the study area for their support during the study formulation and data collection activity.

Most of the respondents Community members kept their domestic animals in the main house or just next to the house, and attributed this to security reasons. The chief, in conjunction with the local administration should take appropriate measures to ensure that security in the area is maintained to prevent theft of domestic animals, which is a critical issue that forces the community members to either share their main houses with domestic animals or build the animals houses just next to their own houses.

Practices The study revealed that the majority