The protection of information of commercial value or to honour a pre-existing contractual agreement. Levels of academic degree. Upon approval by Library Committee, dissertations will be kept in a safe place and bibliographic details will not be made available on the Library’s platforms. Faculties that teach in the civil law tradition grant LL. It is also often awarded honoris causa to public figures typically those associated with politics or the law whom the university wishes to honour. The letter must be signed by the requester student , the dean, head of department and dissertation supervisor. Previously, dottore in giurisprudenza was the title given to the students that completed the old four-year course of studies in law.

The General Regulations for University Undergraduate and Postgraduate Awards, the course regulations and bye-laws as well as the regulations and bye-laws for Doctoral Degrees are available here. Only the first year master 1 of the master’s degree in law is necessary to pass the bar exam. It is also often awarded honoris causa to public figures typically those associated with politics or the law whom the university wishes to honour. Bachelor’s degree Honours degree. But still, if with an LLM they would still be able to practice law, it doesn’t matter what your title is in the end.

A one-year full-time taught post-graduate diploma of Notary Public N.

Law students want to retain ‘Dr’ title

The program had always been in essence only a master’s degree and was therefore viewed as discriminatory, especially by medical students. This leads to many problems, especially the phenomenon of so-called “flying professors”, who are teaching at two or three universities at the same time and to the decline of academic life. Bachelor’s degree Honours degree.

The differences largely reflect the divide between Canada’s two legal systems the common law and the civil law. In Canada, there are several thesiw law-related doctorates: This means that prospective lawyers will not be honored with a doctorate degree and can no longer use the title “Dr”.


Changes to the law course resulted from the implementation of the Bologna Process, which sought to facilitate recognition of degrees and academic qualifications across Europe.

lld thesis malta

Thus, in rare cases, a bachelor of Laws i. Developers must offer low-rent options as Maltese get priced out of market, FAA.

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Traditionally, the Melitensia Department housed a selection of theses and dissertations pertaining to postgraduate and undergraduate degree programmes. Plainly clear that Maltese educated youth are ages behind current international practice, and will willingly hide beneath their mother’s skirts. In Malta, practising lawyers are of three designations — notaries, legal procurators and advocates.

Further distribution or reproduction in any format is prohibited without prior permission of the author. Due to the possession of a Doctorate, the Doctors of Law had precedence equal to that of a Serjeant-at-Law and for this reason the convention remains that advocates holding junior doctorates such as Doctors of Philosophy should not be addressed as “doctor” in an English court. Student prizes were distributed during the Faculty of Laws Foundation Day as per below: Dean’s List – Call for Applications.

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It is the professional degree for lawyers, having replaced the Bachelor of Laws in the 20th century after law schools began to require a Bachelor’s degree before admission to a J. Ina case was brought under long-dormant law in the High Court of Chivalry.

lld thesis malta

Only the first year master 1 of the master’s degree in law is necessary to pass the bar exam. UConn School of Law”. Juris doktorJD is the highest academic degree in law, based on 60 credits of course studies and, most importantly, successful completion of a doctoral dissertation. In older times with no master’s degree, JUDr.


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At least three years of previous law study are required for entry. It is conferred based on a thesis consisting of a suitable body of original academic research, and an oral examination Rigorosum or Disputation. Retrieved 19 August Archived from the original on 2 October The Czech system is in many ways similar to the German and Austrian systems.

More from James J. Archived PDF from the original on Refer to Library staff for assistance on theses and dissertations housed in the various Branch Libraries mentioned above. thhesis

lld thesis malta

One could call lawyers a lot of names but please do not let them use the title DR. Archived from the original on 10 May As the doctoral programs for the doctoral degree lpd, in principle, open for the holders of all master’s degrees, the possession of the degree of the Doctor of Laws is not a guarantee for the possession of the Master of Laws -degree.

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