And the curve in black is. You need to form 3 equations. I am not going to help in this part. Change your calculator or change your hand. You can download from padowan. Teacher can i have the solution ASAP because i need to hand in this week. Question 3 A function g is defined by , where.

Sir may i know do we need to put a value in question 3? I dint change anything. Sir, is it possible to reject H0? Please Whatsapp me or comment below if you need my guidance. Find information about parametric equations yourself. I am not going to discuss the questions in class. Thx a lot for your kindness.

As my teacher want us to show the equation…. Anson lee on August 11, at How do I get the values of t for Q3? Refer the above comments, any parametric equations that satisfy the Cartesian equation given.

Hi sir, may i know that for the question 3, should i use the same value as you had used for the simultaneous equation and verification or should i use a different set of values?


STPM Mathematics (T) Term 2 Assignment | KK LEE MATHEMATICS

Smaster on October 26, at 4: Please do it yourself. Kim on December 3, at 4: After that you will get The Question in 1. So which of the y parametric eqn should I choose to get a set?? Can you explain more from 3.

Assignment sample solution will be coursewoork only after this semester.

Mariani on September 14, at 8: MathsLover on August 19, at 8: Would they be cousrework, average, or tall? The predicted height formula is given in the question.

mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 term 1

Solve the simultaneous equations. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Can you guide me how to do Term 2 assignment ?

STPM 2016 Mathematics (T) Term 2 Assignment

Make sure you are using the rad mode. Sharon on September 24, at Get notified when new articles including pbs sample are posted. Jack on September 7, at 9: There are many methods to find the points. Teacher, may i ask the answer for question 2? Sampling Confidence Interval Xoursework Testing. I cant teach here. Please discuss with your friends or teacher to get more information of the coursework. This is also the reason i never answer all the questions that are not related to maths.


Fahmida on July 30, mathmeatics 3: But, u dint utilise the power of your calculator. I feel pity on u….

I have tried my best to help and this will be my last posting on solutions of assignments. Do we have to write a small conclusion for every graph that is drawn?

mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 term 1

OnnGusta on September 26, at 2: Solution will be posted only when they are available.