Related Content Students Rights and Responsibilities. The timeline assumes satisfactory progress at all stages. At the meeting, the student will orally present his or her progress approximately 30 minutes followed by a question period. Neurology and Neurosurgery Terms Fall Winter Instructors There are no professors associated with this course for the academic year. Thus, we are concerned that all students feel included, are kept informed and stay on track throughout their course of study. Methodology Research findings You must be registered in the appropriate degree program at the time of initial thesis submission.

Sign in site maintenance. While it does not necessarily require an exhaustive review of work in a particular field, the thesis must show familiarity with such work and must demonstrate the ability of the candidate to carry out research and to organize the results, all of which must be presented in a good literary style. The first meeting should take place no later than 12 months after the start of the first term, preferably sooner, and then once again every following 12 months or more frequently, as needed. The examination begins with a formal presentation by the student which reviews the background and the rationale for the proposed study, the specific hypotheses and objectives, the methodology, results obtained to date and future directions. Failure to do so will result in additional fees, bureaucracy and delays to graduation.

On this page, students will find links and downloadable documents that will offer them guidance and information to graduate studies at McGill University and within the Neuroscience Graduate Program Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies GPS Rules and Regulations for Graduate Students Please note that the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of McGill University administers the procedures, the programs, and the rules and regulations for graduate students. The Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities available on the web here.

mcgill ipn thesis submission

These ‘student poster kits’ must consist of the following: Thesis Components A thesis can be written and organized submiesion in the traditional monograph style or the manuscript article based style.


During the first term of study, each student will be assigned a mentor who will ensure that the student meets the program requirements in a timely manner. The Mentor will also serve as an additional person to provide information on administrative matters, answer questions, or assist with any specific needs. Students admitted to their programs in Fall onward must also submit a PDF copy of their myProgress Worksheet inp all program requirements have been met.

Ph.D. Final E-Thesis Submission | Integrated Program in Neuroscience – McGill University

Prior to writing their theses, the students in the PhD program are required to give a Thesis Seminar. Demonstrate the ability of the candidate to organize the results. Before mcgkll Exam The student’s advisory committee must approve the student’s written thesis proposal and recommend that the student proceed with the oral candidacy exam. The Advisory Committee from the M. Sign in site maintenance. If a proposal is deemed unsatisfactory, it is necessary that the Supervisor address with the student the weaknesses of the sugmission and incorporate changes that will ameliorate the proposal.

Deadline The student must have submitted their written thesis by the third year of their Master’s studies.

According to the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, a second unsatisfactory progress report, either for research deficiencies or for failing to hold a meeting, may lead to the student being required to withdraw from thesks program.

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A qualifying examination consisting of a formal presentation and tehsis examination of the thesis proposal. In conjunction with the thesis supervisor or co-supervisors, students must select an Advisory Committee.

Where graphs, illustrations, photographs, etc. Sign in site maintenance.

Ph.D. Final E-Thesis Submission

The following criteria must be met when nominating the examiners:. Line spacing must be double or 1. Select your Advisory Committee An advisory committee of your supervisor or co-supervisors and a minimum of two maximum of three additional professors who are familiar mvgill the research field of your project should be chosen within the first semester. Only a candidacy exam or a thesis seminar may substitute an advisory committee meeting, and meetings cease, unless special circumstances arise, after the thesis seminar.


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If the language of the thesis is neither English nor French only allowed for specific language Units then a third abstract in the language of the thesis is required. Neurology and Neurosurgery Terms Fall Winter Instructors There are no professors associated with this course for the academic year. It is the responsibility of the student and the supervisor to secure and external examiner.

mcgill ipn thesis submission

It is both a learning and evaluative process that is meant to: We strongly recommend that you make contact with your mentor by email to introduce yourself early on. The presentation shall take approximately 30 to 45 minutes and shall mcigll followed by a question period.

mcgill ipn thesis submission

Consistency of formatting for footnotes and references is required throughout the thesis. The thesis must be based on the research of the student. For further information regarding thesis submission and distribution, please contact the IPN Office. An internal and an external examiner must be chosen by student and supervisor by the time of initial submission.

PhD Thesis Seminar Note: Guidelines to Forming the Defence Committee Members of the Doctoral oral defence committee must hold a doctorate or equivalent.

The Examination Chair will act to ensure that the examination is conducted in an orderly and constructive manner. Mentors The Graduate Program Committee has instituted a mentorship program by which each student will be matched with a specific member of the Committee.