They are free so please dive in – we hope you…. Published by Samson Johnston Modified over 3 years ago. The cost of rebuilding a settlement is high. Shield volcano Primary effects: Changing urban environments KS3 Changing urban environments Browse the topics below to find KS3 changing urban environments teaching resources, created by experienced teachers. Teaching tools and ideas Teaching tools and ideas To help you help your students! For a named volcanic event, compare the primary and secondary impacts 6 marks.

The Indian plate moves into the Eurasian plate at a rate of 6cm a year. Keep me logged in. Formed as the Indian and Eurasian continental plates push into each other Two continental crusts move towards each other. Visit the links below to explore the topics currently available,…. If you’ve not tried them, you are…. Seismic waves Waves of energy that radiate out from an earthquake.

Earthquakes: L.O: To compare earthquakes caused by different types of plate movements.

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Prediction and prevention of the effects of volcanic eruptions stury earthquakes By forecasting, the design of buildings and defences, planning and. Visit the links below to explore the topics currently available,…. Exploring and mapping the world KS3 Exploring and mapping the world Browse the topics below to find KS3 exploring and mapping the world teaching resources, created by experienced teachers.


This website features some of the oldest and most valuable…. What causes earthquakes to occur?

However, these resources will get you off to a flying start and support you through the topic You need to have an understanding of both the causes of the quake and its effect on people, the environment and the economy.

Revision and summary of skills Revision and summary of skills Resources to summarise and assess learning including revision mats, games and assessment ideas. Living with Volcanoes Volcano Case Study: All KS3 resources All our KS3 teaching resources, listed alphabetically This is a list of all our Key Stage 3 worksheets and handouts, interactive resources and tools and ideas stidy use in the classroom.

Destructive plate boundary Heavier oceanic crust gets pushed under the continental plate e.

The Restless Earth Year 11 revision – ppt video online download

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medc earthquake case study san francisco

Learning grid From abrasion to the zone in transition Map symbols Map symbols Ideas for learning and using OS map symbols in a creative way including games and create your own maps. The movement heats up the rock and melts it. Parts of the plates get stuck and then lurch free causing earthquakes. A section of the Bay Bridge also collapsed killing motorists.


medc earthquake case study san francisco

It was the largest earthquake to occur on the San Andreas fault since the Great San Francisco earthquake in April If you would like to arrange payment now, please phone us on and….

Shensi earthquake This earthquake years ago on January the 23 rd happened in Shensi china. Subscribe Subscribe for access to thousands of adaptable Word documents, P….


About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Nick, Alexa, and Keara. What happens at plate margins? Weather and climate These resources are red hot Auth with social network: Urbanisation From amenities to the zone in transition Transport links are damaged.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

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