Exploring and mapping the world KS3 Exploring and mapping the world Browse the topics below to find KS3 exploring and mapping the world teaching resources, created by experienced teachers. Ready-made Magnet activities Interactive Magnet activities Having trouble using the activities? Most earthquakes happen globally in different area, but if you look at the image on the page you can see that an earthquake can happen almost any wherein the world even under water. Registration Forgot your password? C Describe two hazards volcanic eruptions can create for people 4 marks Explain how shield volcanoes are formed. Each presentation supplements a specific lesson within the teaching notes, and is designed to be used alongside the teaching material within the notes. Continental drift So why do the plates move?

Time of day Influences whether people are in their homes, at work or travelling. Size of quake The higher on the Richter scale, the more severe the earthquake is. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Buy now View a…. Formation Layers of lava and ash are deposited by eruptions.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

KS5 Geography skills Hazards. The full Geography Department website is www. San Francisco, dead 2, homeless 6.

This website features some of the oldest and most valuable…. Deep foundations for skyscrapers Gas and water lines specially reinforced with flexible joints to prevent breaking. Please accept our sam for the disruption. Explore the study of geography by looking at what geography is and the three types of geography.


GeoBytesGCSE: Earthquake Case Study: San Francisco Earthquake

Shop Shop We are currently experiencing problems with our payment gateway. The molten rock forces its way up through the crust to form a volcano. Provide shelter for the homeless Search for missing people Supply medicine for the injured Disposing of dead bodies Rescue stranded people Evacuate people in danger Supply food Supply drinking water.

More information is available from the Somersetshire Coal Canal Society…. Download ppt “The Restless Earth Year 11 revision”. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends srudy any social system.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

Composite volcano Volcano Case Study 1: Use the following headings to help you: The Indian plate moves into the Eurasian plate at a rate of 6cm a szn. Report by Samantha Bottari.

Earthquakes. – ppt download

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The weather topic is sometimes not a popuilar one to teach. Long-term planning Planning that takes into consideration the long term i. Shops and business are destroyed. North American and Pacific plates sliding past each other Plates slide past each other. An earthquake is caused by the rubbing of two plates in the earths crust this causes the area on land to shift and shake. A starter, lesson sah plenary!

Earthquakes: L.O: To compare earthquakes caused by different types of plate movements.

Registration Forgot your password? To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Urbanisation From amenities to the zone in transition Learning grids are a method of engaging the students, usually in pairs, to earthqquake and structure a piece of extended writing. Urban geography focuses on towns and cities — settlements with a high population density and with the majority of economic activities in the secondary sector francisci tertiary sectors. Investment in the area is focused only on repairing the damage.



If you live in a cities that has earthquakes you should know how to be prepared for an earthquake. Collapse of the Double-Decker Nimitz Highway and San Studj Bay Bridge A number of roadways were damaged during the earthquake, including the collapse of the upper tier of the double-deck er Nimitz Highway Interstate 80 onto the lower deck, killing and trapping motorists in their cars.

Over 1 million buildings were destroyed. What happened to the other stories? This movieshows the shaking intensity and movement of seismic waves during the quake. Fluid lava flows out slowly from the volcano because