The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve suggests they will have lost some of it after the lesson so this is my attempt to fight the curve! I think there is a place for it, but video selection needs to be carefully done. Most students do not care about the work they have done once it is over. What is the purpose of the homework we set? Some would like to drop their marking pile in a woodchipping machine. Taking feedback on board, pupils now have printouts for their books and it is also on his door in case they lose it.

Before I introduced ,weil we looked at what they knew of clauses in English and introduced the idea of a main clause and a sub clause. This might sound very basic and something that you do all the time but I find that quite often textbook schemes of work do not have this link from one element to the next. Students are naturally curious and like to learn about the country. Taking feedback on board, pupils now have printouts for their books and it is also on his door in case they lose it. James concluded that overall the quality of work on a weekly basis is higher and there has been whole department buy-in.

Perhaps suggest a theme for their example sentences:. Again the specimen papers for the new Mffl could be used in this way.

More complex structures um…zu ohne. This excellent with the advent of the new GCSE and the greater focus on being able to manipulate language. Too many students will simply stare at the words and assume that some osmosis will occur unless they are given specific tasks to do.


mfl takeaway homework

Breaking it into steps is working even for the weakest ones. This site uses cookies.

mfl takeaway homework

The issue now is sorting out the past and present tenses!! As MFL teachers, we know the value of vocabulary txkeaway but how can you ensure that they have actually learnt it.

Sometimes they just need a little encouragement. I remember, when I was in school years ago, a couple of homeworks from my language teacher: I have been teaching my year 9s the future tense and the conditional. The stamps contain things such as:.

However many stamps can save time and I have benefited from the stamp stacks supplied by a website out there. I remember marking an oral exam with another teacher and they suggested I listen to the amount of subjunctives and connectives the student was using.

In James’ school, there are set Prep sessions with subjects allocated taleaway slots.

Schools vary on this. She has responded really well. So, take away homework and what do we have? You can find an example on the TES here.

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Most students do not care about the work yakeaway have done once it is over. This can be very effective but again the sheet has to be meaningful and linked to your assessment criteria.

Have you considered banning certain words from their paragraphs? Rather than writing the comments then they can be on a sheet. Produce a 75 words on things you wear at different times.


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Mlf would also counsel that you tell them to avoid the blindingly obvious and go for a more horrible histories style in their research.

Some of the below would be top of my list! This website, long the bane of the Everydaymfl teacher, is getting. They started with Homework grids but they were hard to make up for staff and there wasn’t much benefit for the pupils re more doing it, etc. What is the purpose of the homework we set? Here is takeeaway you could apply this:.

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Mary Myatt has some points to make on this here. Firstly, make it really clear what you want students to do with the time and how you want them to do it. Pay attention to his control, his reactions and his speed. I see no point in repeating him. Posted by A Salt at There has been a lot of animosity in schools towards textbooks, however they often have some very good exercises and I have seen multiple powerpoints on the TES resources ,which replicate the book word for word.