Sometimes,however, the designation of something as a living thing is not so obvious. Dilutions offormation in the 1: Once they have analyzed their results, they write up their findings for publication. Decide whether you believe nanobacteria are alive or not! A key requirement in the process of scientific investigation is the repetition of experimental results byother scientists. Prokaryotes lack the internal, membrane-bound structures associated witheukaryotic cells your body is made up of eukaryotic cells.

Teaching Notes Case teaching notes are password-protected and access to them is limited to paid subscribed instructors. Cisar’s team repeated the experiments described by Kajander. Research Science — Natural history. Following the PCR reaction the authors could use other techniques to see the PCR product agarose gels and they could isolate and sequence the product to determine the exact genetic code orlanguage associated with that PCR product. To answer this you need to think aboutthe properties common to all living things and how you would test whether thenanobacteria possessed these properties.

Which of the new results are supportive of Kajander and Ciftcioglu?

nanobacteria case study answer key

Experiment 3—Kidney StonesKidney stones were examined from 30 different human patients. It is possible to scrape up this biofilm, dilute the components 1: Home Resources Bulletins About Help.

Applied Math and Science Education Repository – Nanobacteria: Are They or Aren’t They Alive?

They found that they were very difficult to work with and did not behave like typical bacteria. Manage your resources Save, organize, and share resources that you find. D A partly demineralized nanobacterial group A-D, X Nanobactera of the new results contradict Kajander and Ciftcioglu?


Which terms or techniques are new or unclear to you?


Assignment for Part III: Over the next several class meetings we will be considering the evidence for the existence ofnanobacteria and their role in the process of biomineralization.

Propose an experiment to test one property of life. Decide if these experiments explain the observations of 1.

nanobacteria case study answer key

This ability for a phospholipid to induce biofilm formation was prevented when the sgudy was exposed to gamma radiation. Biomineralization is a good thing when it occurs in the correct location, but often this process occurs inthe wrong place at the wrong time.

Nanobacteria: Are They or Aren’t They Alive? A Case …

They isolated and cultured thenanobacteria in the same way and observed many of the same behaviors. What questions do you have? Nanobacteria maintained in culture would generate a biofilm 2. E and F SEM micrographs of nanobacterial dwellings detached from the culture vessel. Please see our usage guidelineswhich outline our policy concerning permissible reproduction of this work. D SEM micrograph stkdy their variable size.


The appearance of the particles was very similar to those found in nanobacterial cultures. The fundamental issue under consideration is whether nanobacteria are alive. What conclusions can you make? Website supported by the University at Buffalo Libraries. A DIC image of bottom-attached nanobacteria after a 2-month culture period.

Nanobacteria: Are They or Aren’t They Alive?

When purified phosphotidyl inositol a phospholipid common to biological membranes was added to the culture, biofilm formation occurred within two weeks. What does the data tell you?

The formation of kidney stones is a good example of this kind ofpathological disease-related form of biomineralization. Despite this, Cisar et al.

Dilutions offormation in the 1: Part III—More Evidence of LifeIn their paper, Kajander and Ciftcioglu stuy various experimental results to support theirhypothesis that nanobacteria are living organisms. Biology — Biology General — Study and teaching.

They isolated very small 0. Read the Text Version. Answer Key Answer keys for the cases in our collection are password-protected and nanobavteria to them is limited to paid subscribed instructors.