Both express their intrigue when first encountering Ayda, as neither has met a human before. By combining this account of all the majesty and absurdity that come with the territory, with tales from Arabian and Persian mysticism, Kermani allows the reader to explore divine landscapes of the soul that effortlessly bridge cultures and centuries. Kermani begins his study on a very personal note, in which he recalls his Aunt Lobat and the suffering she endured leading to her slow, painful death. As a result people were also able to express their sense of helplessness. The readers responded constructively, were grateful that we had expressed certain difficult things, yet in a tone that made it possible to discuss them. The two works at once complement and contrast with one another by showing, on the one hand, an idealized world of integration and contentment and, on the other hand, the consequences of spiritual exile as a result of an inability to reconcile Islam and Western values. Nev- ertheless, he still struggles with his identity.

By Heidi Denzel de Tirado. The epilogue is particularly recommended reading. The Terror of God: The Intercultural Project of Navid Kermani. Interview with a mixed-faith couple Experiences in a Christian-Muslim marriage.

Bahrain defends decision to host White House Middle East meeting. In brief Trump officials to Congress: West-Eastern Affinities he acknowledges that he is an Orientalist and his world view has been shaped by his childhood interactions living in a German society.

Navid Kermani | – Dialogue with the Islamic World

She rejects the often applied metaphor of Turkish-German literature serving as a bridge between two cultures and she similarly finds approaches based on theories of diasporic or immigrant literature equally problematic given the multiple generations of Turks and Turkish-Germans who have been born and raised in the Kermxni Re- public.


Goal is deterring Iran, not war. They are always very short journeys for which I need to be very well prepared — I may actually be travelling for naviid mere ten days or two weeks.

navid kermani essay

kermabi Popular uprisings in the Islamic world Algiers, Khartoum… that trembling moment. We cannot always expect this to come from above, however: To be sure, the caliph was a defender of the faith, he writes, but as a rule he did not have a reli- gious education and was not permitted to issue religious opinions.

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Navid Kermani

With a few exceptions, all my activities can be traced navic to literature. By Heidi Denzel de Tirado. The habilitated Islam expert, non-fiction writer and essayist is one of the most knowledgeable and sought-after specialists on Islam and the Orient in Germany. Part of his change involves a strong rejection of Islam: Maybe in the EU smaller alliances will have to be formed again to create the ability to act.

That impact is often benevolent, sometimes the divine intervention is brutal and unbearable for man, as in his collection of stories entitled Du sollst You Should. It was there that he also learnt the art of the essay, which to this day accounts for most of his publications.

navid kermani essay

Information and Contacts Austrian Publishers. Enlightenment esway commerce Muslims all over the world are currently observing Ramadan. Alternating between his role as author and scholar, the Cologne-based Kermani manages to unite stylistic solidity with a clear knowledge of the subject matter.

He is married to the Islam scholar Katajun Amirpur and has two children. In the end, Ayda wins over Lisa and Paul in part with the help of Rabbit and Bear,15 kwrmani she now views as part of her extended family.


Goal is deterring Iran, not war. Jahrestag der Deutschen Einheit.

Navid Kermani describes ksrmani writing as follows: Kermani here concurs with the Iranian philosopher Abdolkarim Sorush, who distinguishes between religion as such and human understanding of religion. In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: Would you like to be naviid informed by e-mail about our new publications in your fields kermank interest? And not only that: Amir Hassan Kerjani has spent years publishing articles and novels in German.

There was controversy over Kermani’s nomination as one of the three winners because of an essay in which Kermani had written about his feelings on seeing a painting of the crucifixion by the seventeenth-century Italian painter Guido Reni. Seehofer und Merkel befeuern Leitkultur-Debatte. Readers’ comments can be found by Google and other search engines.

In her comments, Merkel also referenced a speech a few days earlier by German president Christian Wulff in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of German unification in which Wulff asks rhetorically wheth- er Germany since unification has grown together into a unified Vaterland.

Wo so viel Intoleranz und Ag- gression ist, kann sich die Gesellschaft nicht positiv entwickeln. The story takes place shortly after the London bombings and throughout the novel, Dariusch makes comments about the perpetrators and his disdain for political Islam.