Chauhan, V Optimization of parameters to improve ventilation in underground mine working using CFD. Sheoran, Meghna Effect of electrolyte solutions on sunflower oil water interfacial tension in presence of surfactant. Agarwal, Arun Digital Audio Broadcast: Kumar, Nitesh A brief study on various time domain viscoelasticity model. Daspattanayak, Tusharkanta and Mohanty, Kaibalya Effect of heat treatment on wear properties of plain carbon steel.

Raj, Rohit Dental Biometrics: Bose, Shivam Development of an open source toolbox and three dimensional analysis of frame structure under arbitrary loading. Gupta, Brijesh Kumar Fabrication of Li2TiO3 pebble by studying the effect of binder content and sintering temperature on pellets. Barik, Sobha Chandra Sliding mode vector control of three phase induction motor. Kumar, A Production scheduling and mine fleet assignment using integer programming. Bairagi, Alok Ranjan and.

Das, Soubhagya Ranjan Experimental study on synthesis, characterization and applications of novel adsorbents. Magrey, Mujtabha Numerical modeling of cryospray for treatment of skin tumor. Verma, Chuneshwar Lal Design of an air distribution system.

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Sahu, Rajiv Lochan A comparative study on joints with and without gouge fill. Hansdah, Rajeev Design and fabrication of permeability apparatus for determination of permeability of porous ceramics. Praharaj, Sanjib Assessment of spontaneous heating of fresh and oxidized coals. Muduli, Priya Ranjan Development and implementation of image fusion algorithms based on wavelets. Mahato, M Removals of heavy metals frombed sediment of Brahmani river.


Jaiswal, S Obstacle detection and avoidance by a mobile robot. Kumar, Abhineet A review of seabed and placer mining deposits in india. Rout, Saroj Kumar Design of digital thermometer and application in electrospinning. Gupta, R K Object detection and tracking in video image. Volli, Vikranth Recovery of bio-fuels from agricultural residues. Kar, Soumyaranjan Heuristic algorithm for fault detection and path performance monitoring in meshed all-optical networks. Implications for Mininh Life.

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Singh, Praveen Kumar and Rohrkela, Kapil Control and designing of the DC motor drive using p-i controllers with the help of matlab simulation. Bhushan, Ravi Interaction of hsp 90 with p53 and Its mutated form and their comparison. Rao, K Sudhakara Analysis of flow maldistribution in tubular heat exchangers by fluent.

Behera, A Optimization of process parameters in laser welding of dissimilar materials in lap joint configuration using multi-objective Taguchi analysis. Bengani, Saurav Kumar Estimation of power system frequency.

Shinde, N Power system frequency estimation using linear and nonlinear techniques. Chourasiya, Bhuwaneshwar Navigation of mobil robot using fuzzy logic controller.

nit rourkela mining thesis

Raghav, G H Numerical analysis of hydraulic jump by an theeis jet. Nanda, Pranjali Bioactivity of surface modified porous titanium. Kumar, V Simulation and flow analysis through different pipe geometry. Dash, Sagarika and S.


Sheelvardhan, K Analysis and simulation of superconducting magnetic energy storage system. Mohapatra, Chinmoy Krushna Computer aided analysis of balancing of multi cylinder radial and v- engines. Verma, S K Numerical investigation on the performance of roots blower varying rotor profile.

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Singh, Ankit Transverse vibrational Analysis of simply supported beam. SwainBhanja Kishor Design of low noise high power RF amplifier using bipolar junction transistors. Patel, Snehash Earthquake resistant design of low-rise open ground storey framed building. Pravinbhai, Munjpara Rokrkela Implementation of multi-tier authentication thesix for single-sign on access of cloud services. Sahu, R K Studies of spontaneous heating liability of some Indian coals.

SanthoshPushpaRaj, D Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates with holes.

nit rourkela mining thesis

Anand, R Preparation of dense alumina ceramic by slip casting method.