This class will address the use of digital files and infrastructure as preservation media, and will investigate current theories and practices for the conservation and preservation of both digitized and born digital materials. A professional portfolio includes 1 an essay synthesizing topics studied during the MIAP program, as well as 2 revised versions of the best papers and projects the student has completed during course work. Now in the era of born-digital, tapeless news-gathering, the archiving and preservation of local news is afforded new opportunities, but also faces new challenges. Moving Image and Sound: The course also addresses tensions between conservation and access. Addressing in-house systems and work with vendors, the class increases knowledge in areas of:

Danielle Calle Working Title: Does one have to clear before attempting to preserve or restore a work? His signature nyu culture compilations have screened in nightclubs and universities around miap world. Archival and Preservation Practices Families accumulate a wide array of artifacts, mementos, and souvenirs that hold a special meaning or reveal a truth about their past, but the longevity of these items is rarely considered when acquired. He and his work has been featured in many articles including those published in Nyu New York Times, Proposal thesis adalah Broadcast Magazine and elsewhere. This internship will provide hands-on experience with moving image material, as well as deep exposure to the various types of institutions that handle this material. She holds nyu certificate in film preservation from the L.

How can archivists attempt to preserve works which are meant to decay or change over time?

Nyu miap thesis

New Techniques for Digital Processing. Leenke Ripmeester finished f3 case study doctoral thesis, “Permitted Performativities: Experience in working with digital asset management systems miap thesia databases. Students will gain practical skills with identification thexis risk assessment for works as a whole and their component parts, particularly in the areas of audio and visual media and digital, interactive media projects that are stored on fixed media, presented as installations, and existing in networks.


Now in the era of born-digital, tapeless news-gathering, the archiving and preservation of local news is afforded new opportunities, but also faces new challenges.

nyu miap thesis

The seminar will also treat such themes as: Climate Change as a Prompt for the Digital Archive offers a critical approach to the environmentally costly infrastructures that power digital stewardship initiatives across the cultural sector.

This research and presentation aim to explore such issues and how they are currently being addressed. This course will help students make intelligent decisions and develop appropriate policies for their institution. Countering the Horror Film Canon in the Archive.

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He is also thesis a book about contemporary American directors and their work in advertising. This class will prepare incoming first year MIAP students for working with digital technologies throughout their academic and professional careers. Internships may be paid or unpaid. Born-digital audiovisual accessions have increasingly begun to outstrip analog accessions in archives, representing not only a change in format but a change in scale.

Coursework includes students completing a collection assessment as well as a grant proposal for prioritized activities associated with their collection.

The Church has had its own production company, Golden Era Productions, sinceto promote and protect its very carefully created image. Books and Online Sources. Scroll through this page to explore assignments by course and semester. An academic paper must demonstrate substantial research and analysis addressing an aspect of the history, theory, or practice of moving image archiving and preservation. With the advent of new technologies, film producers and distributors and managers of film and video collections are faced with a myriad of legal and ethical issues concerning the use of their works or the works found in various collections.

nyu miap thesis

Louis Massiah is an independent documentary filmmaker whose jiap include W. Additional Electives or Independent Studies will be subsitututed if students are waived out of other courses. Rick Prelinger is an archivist, teacher, writer, lecturer, and filmmaker.


Students have hands-on experience with tape preparation and re-formatting using equipment in the MIAP Lab, and interact with experts from preservation companies and from other NYU departments. Integrating Digital Technology into Museum Exhibition.

In she organized miap workshop on advertising films for EYE. Unknown File Format Name: As a contextual frame, the thesis charts the ways in which both the practice and ethical discourse of film restoration has evolved from the s to present. During the Spring semester, each student will engage in a 15 hour per week internship lasting a minimum of 14 weeks.

Seek advice from your academic advisor, faculty members, or informal mentors at any time during the process.

Examines the background, context, and history of radio, television, video, and sound. My thesis takes a close look at niap current state of photochemical film preservation.

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Exploring Issues of Preservation, Privacy, and Access In a society where recording and being recorded is commonplace, body-worn cameras are becoming an essential tool for police officers in their quest to better relations with the communities they serve.

Archivists and conservators have long struggled with the notion that not everything can, or should be, preserved. The best part of the MIAP program was the people—not only my fellow classmates, with their wide-ranging backgrounds and points of view, who became close friends—but also members of the archival community we met through internships, conferences, presentations, and adjunct faculty.

Even though Double Negative was recently created, an audiovisual element used in its production is no longer manufactured, so I also nyuu preservation considerations for its audiovisual analog and digital elements.