Semantics And Pragmatics Pol, M S Navigation of mobile robot in cluttered environment. Singh, Kaushal Kishore and Bhattacharjee, Sudipto Study on the effect of high energy ball milling a nano material process on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a Al-Si-Fe-Cu alloy. L, Mallesh Viterbi algorithm in continuous-phase frequency shift keying. Mohanty, Toshali Design of a hybrid electric vehicle. Mukundrao, Khade Shankar Development of and characterization of gelatin-poly ethylene glycol composite hydrogels and gelatin-polysaccharide physical hydrogels.

Bagwan , Manish Prediction of adhesive strength, deposition efficiecny and wear behaviour of plasma spray coating of low grade mineral on mild steel and copper Substrate by soft computing technique. Singh, Akhileshwar Analysis of stiffened rectangular plate. Sahani, Rima Level of service criteria of urban walking environment in indian context using cluster analysis. Mohanty, Reema Modelling of a PV array and short time prediction of solar insolation. Agrawalla, Y Optimization of machining parameters in a turning operation of austenitic stainless steel to minimize surface roughness and tool wear.

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Shrestha, Ankurman Effect of span 80 – tween 80 mixture compositions on the stability of sunflower oil-based emulsions. Puthal, Deepak Secure data collection and critical data transmission technique in mobile sink wireless sensor networks. Kishor, Ved Prakash Modelling of micro electro discharge machining in aerospace material.


S, Naga Mahendra Babu Processing, characterization and tribological evaluation of peek-glass fiber composites. Sahu, Ashish Kumar Dynamic analysis of a simply supported beam with crack. Swamy, Mala Narayana A 0. Microsoft Academic Search 7. Hota, Gangadhar Hydrodynamics studies of inverse fluidised bed. Biswal, Mahasweta A hybrid recursive least square pso based algorithm for harmonic estimation.

Panigrahi, Sudhir Kumar Damping of composite material structures with bolted joints. Dora, Yajnyadatta Study Project on Chairs. Oram, Shikha Ergonomic wheelchair design. International Journal Of Design ECMA International open standards.

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RoutTanmaya Kumar Pyrolysis of coconut shell. BagwanManish Prediction of adhesive strength, deposition efficiecny and wear behaviour of plasma spray coating of low grade mineral on mild steel and copper Substrate by soft computing technique.

online thesis nit rourkela

Rana, Subal Chandra Development of a mathematical model for mixing index in gas- solid fluidized Bed. Nayak, T Stability analysis of dump with admixture of fly-ash and overburden material in open-cast coal mines. Punyatoya, Swastisudha GA-Based fault diagnosis algorithms for distributed systems.

Patel, Jagruti Emotion Detection by Electroencephalogram.

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Dahariya, Karun Kumar Estimation of power generation potential of agricultural based biomass spiceis and coal-biomass mixed briquettes. Sahoo, Ajit Kumar Adaptive non linear system identification and channel equalization usinf functional link artificial neural network. SowmyaTontepu Naga and Marandi, Debati Optimal filter design and switching loss reduction in single phase grid connected Inverter system. Das, Sidharth and Chakraborty, Suman Development of computer based equipment performance monitoring systems in open cast mines.


Singh, Praveen Kumar and Arya, Kapil Control and designing of the DC motor drive using p-i controllers with the help of matlab simulation. Das, B S Unsteady flow regulation in open channel by using inverse explicit method.

Deoriya, J Stress analysis of knee joint and knee prosthesis. Patra, R Statistical approach for detection of vehicle in heavy traffic. Nagarjuna, M Voltage quality and power quality factor improvement using active power line conditioner.

NiFe2O4 nanocomposites prepared by microwave and solid state route. Rao, K Sudhakara Analysis of flow maldistribution in tubular heat exchangers by fluent. Kumar, T Automatic text summarization. Roy, Susnata Mammographic lesion classification using discrete orthonormal s-transform.

online thesis nit rourkela

Mahapatra, U Stabilization of discrete-time systems with time-varying delay using simple lyapunov-krasovskii functional. Hota, M Assessment and modelling of water quality near mine sites.