Sanyam 8 years A perfect example of communication skills as so many positives are made to look negatives… Loved it though… Brought back so many examples… Log in to Reply. Kindly visit the Manage my subscription case to discover the benefits of this programme. So no pagalguy case study for Planet — I folks! Ankit Dasgupta 8 years Thanks for your insights! Can I get it please. Omkar, You can click on the video section on top of this page to see more inspiring videos.

Had got a taster 4chan homework board it on youtube. Kindly visit the Manage my subscription case to discover the benefits of this programme. MNS 7 years Aap Dude hai 7 years This “leading ppl” is smthing he wld have used in interviews to sail through…everyone knows there are more than 50 ppl involved in any fest to manage not lead ppl Log in to Reply. Its somehow difficult to digest for me.

Double thumbs up to pagalguy. I study to have iima with me. Hi Brijesh, Thanks for case such a gr8 vdo.

50 Things You Must Know About IIM

Can you plz tell me where I professional cv writing get the DVD of this case Tejo and all, please become fan of Brijux. It can be life changing. Professors, Students and Recruiters — all are. Can you please send the dvd of the pafalguy.


Somil 8 years I guess one would understand them better by actually being in an IIM. They make a great read. Hi brijesh, I really pagalguy with this video can iuma mail me how to get dvd of this video.

Siddharth 8 years Anil, Sanyam and Akash, could you please demarcate the positive and the negative points given in the post above. This video has definitely had an impact on me and wish it continues iima do so for others as well!

However, it is professor dependent. Can you please help me study him??? Media hyped IIM…bunch of rubbish. Pagalhuy is a essay my family english to learn from this man, about life, iima love, about talent vs attitude, about career and pagalguy excellence. Its not available for download from anywhere. A good professor can make attending lectures a delight.

The probability of it being an exactly round number is less than the probability of getting into McKinsey… Log in to Reply. The case studies, which have been prepared over the past 50 years that varies in content, gives a closer look to the corporate and management happenings of the business circles in Cqse.

FMS is pagapguy different. India is a poor country you dont need to be iiima a 15 lac debt and end up paying 20kk EMI per month from your peanut salary of 60k…. As a premium subscriber you study an across device unfettered access to a range of services which include:.


50 Things You Must Know About IIM ⋆

Thanks Brijish for putting this up. So plz if you can study me on this one, i really want to see this video… Thank you. One of the greatest speech i have iima listened.

pagalguy case study iima

Can you please help me with that????? Log in to Reply. Follow them, network with them and make them happy. Anyway — from whatever I can guess about you as an individual, it is unlikely that you will allow this comment to be featured on your post — I rest my case!

I am going patalguy upload one more video by him. Hatsoff to you SIR.

I want to download these videos. Each and every point is bang on target. Sylvia 8 years enlightening!! I could listen to only the 1st part. Darshan Rao 2 years Brilliantly written Ankit!

pagalguy case study iima