Gajula, Nanda kishore Study of object detection and reading license plate detection and reading. Mishra, Swagatika Effect of different bonding agents on sintering behaviour of al2o3-sio2 based mortar. Dalai , Sisir Kumar Numerical analysis of diaphragm type pulse tube refrigerator. Kumar, Sikandar Active vibration control of rotating composite shaft system. Panda, Niladri nath Development of electrospun nanofibrous silk fibroin based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.

Mahto, Bishnu Prasad Characterization of ductile iron through fractographic study. Bagwan , Manish Prediction of adhesive strength, deposition efficiecny and wear behaviour of plasma spray coating of low grade mineral on mild steel and copper Substrate by soft computing technique. Kumar, Suman Multifingered grasping for robotic manipulation. Roy, Abhisek Modification of trip generations following formation of a new district: Nalla, Thulasiram Vibration analysis of a cracked beam with elastic support. S, Venkatesh Multi user chaotic communication systems sing orthogonal chaotic vectors. Effect of operating parameters.

Reddy, P S Vibration and buckling analysis of a cracked stepped column using finite element method.

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Gupta, P Role of matrix stiffness on adhesion, migration,proliferation and differentiation of HaCaT cells: TjesisAnusmita Free vibration of rods, beams and frames using spectral element method. Satapathy, Sitipragyan Development of gelatin based hydrogel,emulsion hydrogel,bigel: Behera, Niranjan Load frequency control of power system. Oraon, Deepika Study on proximal support vector machine as a classifier. Agrawal, Saurabh Carbonization of eucalyptus wood and characterization of the properties of chars for application in metallurgy.


Verma, S K Numerical investigation on the performance of roots blower roukela rotor profile.

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Mohanty, Mahendra Kumar Direct torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motor drives with conventional and svm approach. Kumar, Balasa Satis Fabrication lhd characterization of kaolin based membrane for catalyst recovery. SahuLopamudra Ratcheting behavior of a non-conventional stainless steel and it’s associated microstructural variations.

Verma, Yogesh Comparative study between various reduced model and modal analysis of viscoelastic rotors. Mishra, Swagatika Effect of different bonding agents on sintering behaviour of al2o3-sio2 based mortar.

phd thesis nit rourkela

Prasanth, S V Non linear buckling analysis of laminated composite twisted plates. Shambharkar, Rakesh Vibration analysis of thin rotating cylindrical shell. Ahmad, Pervez Determination of optimal distributed generation plant capacity in a micro-grid using fuzzy linear programming. Bathala, Srikanth Composites for machine tool beds.

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Singh, S K Strata control technology for mass exploitation of underground coal deposits: Khare, A Study of dynamic stress and estimation of life for viscoelastic rotor-a finite element approach.

Dahariya, Karun Kumar Estimation of power generation potential of agricultural based biomass spiceis rorukela coal-biomass mixed briquettes.

S, Venkatesh Multi user chaotic communication systems using orthogonal chaotic vectors. Panda, S K Reliable voltage monitoring system for synchronization of distributed power generation systems to utility grid. Ranjan, Nitesh Enhancement of Eeg Signal.


Kumar, S Time synchronization in wireless sensor networks. Afzal Effect of low cycle fatigue damage on tensile behavior of sensitized stainless steel. Future Method of Extraction of Aluminium.

Kumar, D Pradeep Investigations on shunt active power filter for power quality improvement. Mohanty, Mamata Geotechnical properties of lightly cemented fly ash.

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Mahato, Mit Expanded graphite fortified magnesia-carbon refractories: Rout, Sabita Thermodynamics and kinetics study of growth behaviour of sono-electrodeposited thin films.

Chakraborty, Shubhrajyoti Effect of size on compression, bending and tensile strength of plaster of Paris specimen. Debnath, Kishore A study on mechanical behavior and damage assessment of short bamboo fiber based polymer composites.

phd thesis nit rourkela

Pal, A K Achieving k-anonymity using full domain generalization. Sutradhar, Bidyut Bikash Evaluation of bond between bituminous pavement layers. Basuri, Susanta Fabrication and characterisation of Extracellular matrix based composite films for wound healing application.