Jay and Rohit , Kumar Development of microcontroller based over-current relay controls. Raj, Kundan and Sood, Sidharth and Panda, Amlan Prateek and Panigrahi, Sridhar Kumar and Pabba, Abhimanyu An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by investigation of synthetic slags prepared in the laboratory using pure oxides. Sahoo, Prasanna Kumar Production of ethylbenzene by liquid-phase benzene alkylation. Kumar , Krishna Development of walk safe cane for the rehabilitaion of blind people. Pradhan, Debalaxmi Recovery of value added fuels from waste polyolefins bicycle tyre and tube. You would definitely enjoy studying there. Kolli, Vijay Ramya Side lobe supression techniques for polyphase codes in radar.

Panda, Chittaranjan Aspen plus simulation and experimental studies on biomass gasification. This list was generated on Thu May 23 Kolli, Vijay Ramya Side lobe supression techniques for polyphase codes in radar. Bengani, Saurav Kumar Estimation of power system frequency. Sahoo, S Analysis of traffic noise. Selsa, H Screening of solvents for carbon dioxide absorption in ionic liquids using cosmotherm.

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Vully, Mahesh Kumar Facial expression detection using principal component analysis. Rajput, Mudit CFD modelling of hot machining operation. Tech in NIT Rourkela? Khalkho, Rohit Comparative performance analysis of different control structure of process.

Goyal, Sumit Evalutaion of chip breaker using flank wear. GundaSuman and B. Praksh, Rahul Synthesis, characterization and effect of atmosphere on sintering behavior of BaTiO3 nano-powders.


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Sha, Bibhu Bhusan Numerical and experimental investigation of common header pulsating heat pipe. Kumar, Sidheshwar and Singh, Bhagirathi Study on silicon carbide produced From rice husk as a reinforcing agent. Gupta, Saurav Design and optimization of dielectric resonator antenna array for c-band satellite applications. Praharaj, Amrit Design of a perfusion bioreactor for simulating synovial joint cavity.

Kumar, Rohit Face recognition under partial occlusion and small dense noise. Goyal, Rourkelaa Optimization of Assembly Sequence. Lipsita, S fabrication of electrospun dicalcium phosphate anhydrous and chitosan based scaffolds.

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Raghav, G H Numerical analysis of hydraulic jump by an impinging jet. Answered Apr 23, Rao, Yogesh Optimization of robotic assembly sequence.

Somewhat you will get time to prepare. Sahani, Rima Level of service criteria of urban walking environment in indian context using cluster analysis.

project thesis nit rourkela

Nayak, B Signcryption schemes based on elliptic curve cryptography. Parihary, Avishek Investigation on the effect of artificial chaperones on lysozyme aggregation. Barman, Sachin Dev Roirkela of high voltage power transformer winding for partial discharge test.

project thesis nit rourkela

GoudaAshis Ranjan Image processing based analysis of transformer oil. Sahoo, Binay Kumar Obtain makespan of job shop scheduling operation. Mohanty, Mamata Geotechnical properties of lightly cemented fly ash. Kalika, Mallikarjuna Experimental investigation of Carbon dioxide absorption in a packed bed tower. Tech from NIT Rourkela are – 1. Sahoo, Mrunmayee Manjari Analysis and modelling of surface water quality in river basins.


Kapoor, Anil Analysis of precipitation data of Orissa.

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Parhi, Sidharth Sankar Gainful utilization of spent pot lining — A hazardous waste from aluminum industry. Mishra, Bibek and Kar, Bibhu Prasanna Matlab based modeling of photovoltaic array characteristics. Kumar, Satyajeet Investigation of fly ash polymer composite. Varadrajan, Namitha A comparative study of microstructural and magnetic properties of lsmo: Sau, Gopal Kumar Climatic changes and its influence on the runoff data over a major river basin in india — a case study.

From November onwards in 2nd year you have to take your project seriously otherwise if your guide theesis not satisfied about your work at the end of 4th semester there is a possibility that he will increase your course period by 6 months.

S, Gayathri Evaluation of coordinated and non-coordinated public transport in urban area.