Once you have finished the test, record the stop time and date, re-seal the package, and return it immediately to the lab specified on the package for analysis. Being a noble gas, radon is fairly harmless, itself. The biology and behavioral basis for smoking-attributable disease: Monday, 28 May Keith said: Similar systems can also be installed in homes with crawlspaces.

Choose a radon-mitigation contractor to fix your radon problem just as you would for any other home repair. This technique has become the method for testing homes during real estate transactions. What should I do? Copper is an essential element for all known living organisms, including humans. Building radon-resistant features into the house during construction is easier and cheaper than fixing a radon problem from scratch later. Noise pollution has various adverse health effects to humans and even animals with almost all of these effects being aggravated gradually.

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The leading cause of lung cancer is firsthand smoking, followed by radon courswork SHS Henley et al. Radon and Home RenovationsIf you are planning any major renovations, such as converting an unfinished basement area into living space, it is especially important to test the area for radon before you begin.

radon gas coursework

Friday, 14 Cpursework Mike said: Indoor Radon air levels in the United States average about 1. A report of the surgeon general. Homes which are next to each other can have different radon levels.

radon gas coursework

Friday, 30 March Matthew said: Radon is a gas that is simply ignored most of the times and is imperceptible, odorless and tasteless. What are radon-resistant features?

Indoor Radon: Exposure and Health Effects

Whether you test for radon yourself, or hire a state-certified tester or a privately certified tester, all radon tests should be taken for a minimum of 48 hours.


Pregnancy complications radin high in populaces exposed to elevated sounds.

Psychological and behavioral implications of abnormal mammograms. They typically have an even shorter half-life than radon and quickly decay inside the lung, kicking out energetic alpha and beta particles that can cause tissue damage and potentially trigger lung cancer.

Indoor Radon: Exposure and Health Effects

Radon testing is easy and the only way to find out if you have a radon problem in your home. Once you have finished the test, record the stop time and date, re-seal the package, and return it immediately to the lab specified on the package for analysis. Be aware that a potential conflict of interest exists if the same person or firm performs the testing and installs the mitigation system. Use a test device that frequently records radon or decay-product levels to detect unusual swings.

Operate the home’s heating and cooling systems normally during the test.

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Corsework children in the home was not a significant predictor of any of the TM constructs. Alongside cardiovascular complications come headaches, exhaustion and stomach sores. American Journal of Public Health. Research has shown that your risk of lung cancer from breathing radon in the air is much larger than your risk of stomach cancer from swallowing water with radon in it.

Noise refers to elevated sound levels that end up being unbearable and uncomfortable to all those in the vicinity of such noise sources.

Control of noise and radon gas levels Essay

Public health nurses can create teachable moments for lung rsdon prevention through greater awareness of the risks posed by radon and SHS along with promoting home testing and low cost resources to reduce risk. The EPA recommends that all homes the Gad should be tested for radon. Related to self-efficacy to address home exposures, the sample comprised participants who were relatively well educated and largely homeowners, which may make these findings difficult to generalize in more gaa populations.


Once generated, the Radon gas diffused through fissures and cracks in the soil and out into the atmosphere. Journal of Thoracic Oncology. Passive Devices Passive radon-testing devices do not need power to function. If you conduct the test yourself, use a qualified radon measurement device and follow the laboratory’s instructions.

radon gas coursework

On average, males rated their health-related self-concept 2. Mitigation is the term used for this practice and soil suction can be used to draw the gas from underneath the house and expel it all the way through conduits. Types of Radon DevicesSince you cannot see or smell radon, special equipment is needed to detect it. This layer is placed beneath the slab or flooring system to allow the soil gas to move freely underneath the house.

Length of Time to Test There are two general ways to test your home for radon: