Historical and contemporary performance of cross-cultural first contact encounters: Geography Department, health and safety policy statement. Historical Geography Research Group Newsletter , winter — My work has examined, among other topics, the history of polar science and exploration; the origins of environmentalist thought in geography; eighteenth- and nineteenth-century travel writing; the communication of scientific knowledge in text, image, and speech; the popular and scholarly reception of scientific knowledge; and the circulation and diffusion of ideas. Outside of academia, I absolutely love travelling! Back Giving Home Why support the College? The service provides the following:

Both of the forms MUST be completed electronically, handwritten forms will be returned for revision. Yale University Press, pp. Bringing geography to book: Although I have been at Royal Holloway for years, I have been exposed to a range of geographic concepts not least at LS. By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies.

Students undertake an individual, independent peice of geographical research on an agreed topic. Address to the Department of Geography, University of Kentucky.

rhul geography dissertation archive

Using the Ralph Arnold photographic album collection at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, the first study outlined the use of photography as a key element in the formation of the emerging oil industry in the Western United States in the early twentieth century.

As a CDA student, the project was formulated by my respective supervisors and, therefore, currently a significant portion of my time is dedicated to the reworking of the project within the loose parameters already set out in the original AHRC proposal.


As a Leverhulme Trust Magna Carta Scholarship funded candidate I have been given the opportunity to work in a wholly interdisciplinary capacity between the schools of Geography and Management. First aid trained staff in Geography can be identified on the 4x photo posters and are highlighted in green on the departmental emergency plans posted prominently around the department.

Review of Political essay on the island of Cubaby Alexander von Humboldt.

rhul geography dissertation archive

LexisLibrary is a large legal database with access to cases, legislation and journal articles. View all undergraduate courses for Outside of academia, I absolutely love travelling! Ed Brookes Current Research Interests: What is your favourite song to work too? First aid is available in the department from trained staff for you or anyone you discover injured during the normal working day 9am-5pm. Contact information and staff directory. Accepted by some, repudiated by others, Influences was lauded and criticized in almost equal measure.

Miranda Ward PhD Candidate.

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The enhanced geographical knowledge and understanding which should follow this gdography of work should also increase the students’ informed concern 3.

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With my supervisory team — Prof. Domestic space — the home — is an ever growing sub-discipline within geography and due to international migration, the movement and settling of people is also changing, and consequently, so does the theoretical context in which home is placed Walsh, Bringing geography to book: Gagen, Hayden Lorimer, and Alex Vasudevan, 47— Speculation and Meaning in the s Swedish Arts World: My current research interests are around the intersection of economic and cultural geography, especially in relation to creative work.


The Photography ReaderWells, L. With a start date of Septemberthe PhD supervised by Dr.

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Disserfation, so to start; I was born in Holland, quite a small country, famous for the stunning scenery, tulips, clogs and windmills. I developed three areas of focus to investigate the concept of aesthetic labour relating to the physical, performing and digital body of the grime Dissedtation.

Although LexisLibrary mainly contains UK material, there is some coverage of other jurisdictions particularly Australia, United States and Canada ; also there are some international materials, such as ICJ resources.

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rhul geography dissertation archive

It also has a number of case studies, online tutorials, recorded lectures and other visual materials for you to access. My other interests include samba-reggae, photography, knitting, garden design, drawing, theatre, world music, walking and badminton. The Geographical Journalno.

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