These timetables will involve GCSEs in core subjects and also incorporate other academic courses as appropriate. Link to the specification website: A — one question on chosen area of study 40 marks B — one question on set work studied 40 marks. In addition some students take up part time courses on offer in conjunction with Havering College; the Academy also incorporates long term work placements where relevant and appropriate. Practice key vocabulary words with your child at home to prepare for quizzes and written exam. This may include research, interviews or applying your knowledge to case studies. Scores above 1, show that the school’s impact on its pupils’ achievements are better.

Increase their confidence, self-esteem and builds team work skills To employ the skills of problem solving, creativity and make knowledgeable decisions about dance To develop understanding and knowledge as well as critical skills for the analysis of choreography and performance within their own work and in professional repertoire Encourages a critical appreciation of dance and the social, political and cultural differences dance has positively contributed to society and the impact during historical times. Students follow the AQA syllabus. Easy online homework management. Sensitivity to other dancers in a range of dance relationships: Additional dance classes outside of school to strengthen technique and build a broader dance vocabulary. A — group choreography 45 marks B — solo performance 30 marks.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. New x Extremely easy streetviewing: We believe that in order to access a broad and balanced curriculum, all students need to be confident and proficient in the basic skills of Reading, Writing, Communication and Mathematics and these are given the highest priority at all times. We are sorry but we only show the results for a school when we have received sufficient responses. The Routledge Dance Studies Reader.


Solo, duet and group performance work.

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Welcome to Mearns Academy in Kincardine, the largest secondary school in the Mearns. Spatial awareness, sensitivity, choreographic devices, group formations, focus between dancers, homewotk to dance idea, safe practice, musicality, timing and the use of contact work. Dance magazines will help them to begin understanding dance vocabulary and will broaden their appreciation and understanding for dance genres.

show my homework frances bardsley academy

Geography or History or French or German Students study one of the following subjects: Trip Letters and Information; Bullers Bardsldy School is a comprehensive school providing an outstanding. Show My Homework Get in touch ; Status. North Liverpool Academy is a secondary academy school and sixth form based in Liverpool, Merseyside. Enrichment activities including health and wellbeing; the opportunity to complete the AQA Extended Project; work experience and volunteering.

show my homework frances bardsley academy

Year 7 Hours per Fortnight. How to use a stimulus and create a response. Year 8 Hours per Fortnight.

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Parental support and guidance during coursework and examination periods is also advantageous. Successful integration and linking of the motifs into the composition. The Set Works include: Geography or History or French or German. We are proud of the fact that we are a diverse and inclusive community, and these. Contemporary Dance there is not an option for street, jazz or any other style of dance on the syllabus.


At Campion School we want our students to grow as caring, Click here to download instructions showing how to access show my homework if you have lost your login. Sir Frederic Osborn School: Students and parents can access this through their accounts or by filtering the results.

Easy online homework management.

show my homework frances bardsley

Upcoming New Version This new version has been designed to make sure that our site is faster and a lot more resilient, there is also a whole new user interface brdsley will make using SMHW visually barrsley and more intuitive. Pupils are issued with a homework timetable at the start of the academic year and pupils use their home school planner to record Super dance show last night. Students are assessed at regular intervals throughout the year and given both verbal and written feedback according to the task.

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show my homework frances bardsley academy

A — structured questions 20 marks B — two essay questions 40 marks. Are you actually after admin tools? Sensitivity to other dancers in a range of dance relationships: You account using your Google account.