The service is available between 9: If you believe you have made a mistake with your submission and the deadline has already passed, please contact an Information Point for advice. UWE Bristol provides a range of support processes to help students who are encountering situations which impact on their ability to submit work or to attend assessments. You are required to reach a particular standard in a component. How do I attach my coursework? Things to be aware of before submitting. Please note that if the course is still available to students, the filename will be a link to the document.

Online Coursework Submission is intended for use by Distance Learning Courses or where your tutor requires the submission to be electronic and will mark electronically. If you are eligible for a resit you will need to redo both components. If you are a member of staff, there is a separate guide to help with Coursework Collection. If you submit your files in separate submissions, only the latest submission will be marked. No marks can be carried over from one attempt to the next, even if a missed assessments or exceptional removal of marks application has been accepted.

Assessments – frequently asked questions

For problems submitting your assignment or accessing your receipt – please contact the ITS Helpdesk on Depending on the size of the file, Kaltura will take some time to convert the jwe before it is available to attach to your assignment submission through Blackboard.

How do I know that I need to submit online? When an assignment is available for you to submit, it will become a clickable link on the Coursework use in Blackboard.

submitting coursework uwe

Discounted software is available to UWE students. Note that this will overwrite previously submitted files and update your submission time. After successful submission a screen confirming receipt for the submission of the work item will be displayed.


As soon as courseaork assignment is available for submission, it will appear to you on the Coursework tab. Your tutor will inform you if they will be using this function to collect coursework. Even if your instructor has made the course unavailable to students, you will still be able to view your submission receipts, your marks and any feedback for the course assignment.

The Coursework tab

If you are trying to submit more than one file please see our Zip file guidance. What is the correct file format? Kaltura submissions If you have attached Kaltura content to your submission you will be able to submittng this on the receipt via the Submission Text.

This file is intended to provide you with a means to cross-reference the mark shown in Blackboard with the mark recorded at the time of marking. The submission deadline is based on the Blackboard server time – which can be seen next to your name in the top right hand corner of the Blackboard screen – and is recorded submitring your submission is complete, not when you click Submit.

It is essential that you now review your receipt from the Coursework tab”. Students will be advised of the extended deadlines via messages on Blackboard, myUWE, the information screens and posters around the Coursework Hub.

It is your responsibility to download any feedback you have received through the Coursework tab before your access to UWE systems ends. Please note that this is guidance for submitting online through myUWE. Individual pieces of work or exams are also known as elements of assessment. What is covered courswork the term “coursework”? Once you have made your submission, you must verify that it was successful by carrying out both of the following checks:.


When you open your receipt, you will also see a red message telling you that the file appears to be blank. You should print a copy of this page as a receipt. You may submit to the assignment as many times as you wish, but only the last submission you make will be assessed.

What is the MarkingRecord. Click the Select submititng for the file that you want to attach to your submission. This period may be suvmitting or longer for some forms of assessment.

However, anything you subsequently upload will overwrite your original submission and not add to it. If you are referred but unsure whether you need to submit to a resit assignment, please review the Assessment – Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

If you are eligible for a retake you will need to redo cousework components.

submitting coursework uwe

In subitting, notification of an upcoming online submission will be displayed in the following places usually two weeks before the submission date:. Do not leave submission to the very last minute.

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If you believe you have made a mistake with your submission and the deadline has already passed, please contact an Information Point for advice. Resit Assignments – during the resit period, only the students who are resitting will see resit assignments. Do not use the Write Submission option unless specifically instructed to do so by your instructor. Once you uwd completed this, you suhmitting your actual assignment submission following the quick steps below.